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About XPrison

XPrison - prison for your server.



->   In the code you can switch the plugin language - LanguageEnglish = true   <-

- Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions.
- Storing player data in - oxide/data/XDataSystem/XPrison
- There is a lang ru/en/uk/es.
- Sound effects when interacting with the menu.
- Ability to create a prison using the CopyPaste plugin or a custom prefab created in RustEdit.
[ To use a prefab as a prison, you need to specify its coordinates in the config ]
[ The prison is protected from any kind of damage. ]
- Adjustment of attires for the prisoner.
- Setting nicknames for prisoners. [ Random prefix with nickname in chat ]
- Setting allowed console and chat commands. [ The rest will be blocked ]
- Radio tuning for prisoners. [Detailed settings in the spoiler]
- The ability to send the player to life or temporary imprisonment.
- Two options for serving a temporary sentence:

  • Online. [ The player needs to spend his entire term online in prison ]
  • By date (offline). [ The player will be released after the specified time. He can go offline and wait offline for the end of the term ]

- The ability to add prisoners even if they have never been on the server or on the date. [ A file with the prisoner's data will be automatically created ]
- The ability to block slots with clothes. [ To prevent the prisoner from taking off his uniform ]
- Automatic release of prisoners at the end of the term.
- Block damage to prisoners.
- As spawners for prisoners, the - "Tesla Coil" is used. [ If there are no spawners, then the prisoners will spawn around the map, but will not be able to farm and deal damage. There will be appropriate warnings in the server console ]
- As a spawner for admins is used - "Press Plate".
- "Igniter" is used as spawners for visitors.
- Various chat notifications. [ Sending to the prisonand release. The duration of the term. ]
- An admin or a player with a permit is not subject to various prison restrictions.
- The ability to teleport a prisoner to prison (clear his inventory).
[ Or kill the prisoner and he will respawn in prison ]
- Ability to teleport prisoner from prison to Outpost or Bandit Camp (clear his inventory)
[ Or kill the prisoner and he will respawn on the beach ]
- If a prisoner is teleported to and from prison, without clearing his inventory, then you can arrange a quest for them: If you survive in prison, you can save your loot, as well as the loot that you got from other prisoners in prison. 😃
- Mini game. The prisoner can press buttons and reduce his time of detention.
[ Useful for prisoners who are serving time online ]
- Mini game 2. The prisoner can recycle items inside the zone and reduce his time of imprisonment.

You can get the prison file for the CopyPaste plugin from the developer after purchase.


->  Overview - YouTube  <-


You can use the free service to create your own radio station. - https://tools.zeno.fm

After creating the radio station and uploading various audios, let's add it to the server:
Command in for server console: boombox.serverurllist "<Station name on the server>, <link to radio station>"


xprison.admin - access to admin functionality. [ Not required for admin player ]
xprison.visitor - access to visiting the prison for ordinary players.


/zonaloc - find out your coordinates and the coordinates of the prison.
/tpzona - teleport to the prison. [ For Administrators/Visitors ]
/zona - check the length of the term.
/zonamenu - open the prisoner management menu.

cmd_prisoner add <SteamID [ 76561100000000000 ]> <Life imprisonment [ True / False ]> <Term duration [ 3600 ]> <Option to serve time [ True - online / False - by date (possibly offline.) ]> - send to the player's zone. ( Regardless of online player or offline )
cmd_prisoner remove <SteamID [ 76561100000000000 ]> false 0 - release the prisoner. ( Regardless of online player or offline )
[ You can, for example, give the opportunity to redeem yourself through the store ]


bool API_IsOnlinePrisoner(ulong userID) - return TRUE/FALSE if the online player is a prisoner.
void API_AddOnlinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner, bool life - Life imprisonment [ True / False ], int duration - Term duration [ 3600 ]) - send an online player to the zone.
void API_RemoveOnlinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner) - free online prisoner.

bool API_IsOfflinePrisoner(ulong userID) - return TRUE/FALSE if the offline player is a prisoner.
void API_AddOfflinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner, bool life - Life imprisonment [ True / False ], int duration - Term duration [ 3600 ]) - send an offline player to the zone.
void API_RemoveOfflinePrisoner(ulong userID) - free offline prisoner.

string API_GetOnlinePrisonerPrefix(BasePlayer player) - return the prisoner's online prefix.


  "General settings": {
    "Profile SteamID for custom avatar": 0,
    "List of allowed console commands on the prison": [
    "List of allowed chat commands in the prison": [
  "Settings prison": {
    "Prison location coordinates": {
      "x": 1000.0,
      "y": 700.0,
      "z": 0.0
    "Prison file name for the CopyPaste plugin": "zona606",
    "Diameter from the point you specify to search for prison structures, spawners, and more": 35.0,
    "Automatically turn on the boombox after the prison spawns": true,
    "Use the CopyPaste plugin for the prison [ True - CopyPaste | False - the prison location point you specified, you can use a custom prefab or build the prison manually ]": true,
    "Allow regular players to visit the prison": false,
    "Allow ordinary players to visit the prison only with an empty inventory": true
  "Prisoner settings": {
    "Lock the clothing slots": true,
    "Lock the slots on the belt": false,
    "Lock inventory slots": false,
    "Lock clothing items - [ Player will not be able to discard them ]": true,
    "Use a nickname prefix for the prisoner - [ Set to False if the prefix should be disabled or the prefix is used by a third party chat plugin ]": true,
    "Link to prisoner lock screen image": "https://i.imgur.com/SZoYTLt.png",
    "Layer UI lock screen image - [ Overlay | Hud ]": "Hud",
    "Use screen lock": false,
    "Do not kill the prisoner when he enters the prison, but simply teleporting": false,
    "When a prisoner is teleported to prison, clear his inventory": false,
    "Do not kill the prisoner when he is released from prison, but simply teleporting to the Outpost or Bandit Camp": false,
    "When a prisoner teleports out of prison, clear his inventory": false,
    "[ Mini-game ] Allow prisoners to shorten their time by pressing buttons inside the prison": true,
    "[ Mini-game ] For pressing one button, how many seconds to reduce the term of imprisonment": 1,
    "[ Mini-game 2 ] Allow inmates to reduce their incarceration time by recycling items inside the prison": true,
    "[ Mini-game 2 ] List of items and number of seconds": {
      "rock": 1
    "List of prisoner's attires [ Shortname - SkinID ]": {
      "burlap.headwrap": 2655848185,
      "burlap.shirt": 2655843517,
      "burlap.trousers": 2655838948
    "List of prisoner nicknames": [

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