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About XTransportMined

XTransportMined - mined transport for the entertainment of administrators/players of your server.

- Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions.
- Storing data in - oxide/data/XTransportMined
- There is a lang ru/en.
- Sound effects when interacting with the menu.
- The ability to teleport to transport through the UI.
- The ability to issue a hammer for mining through the UI.
- The ability to undermine transport through: UI or detonator.
[ When a player gets in/out of a transport | When transport breaks down ]
- The ability to mining transport: with a mallet, chat with a command or through the UI.
[ You can mining absolutely any transport ]
- Possibility to demine transport: chat by command or via UI.
- Ability to display all mined/non-mined transport.
- Nice interface for managing server transport.

->  Overview - YouTube  <-



xtransportmined.use - access to plugin functionality. [ Not required by administrators ]


/boommenu - open menu.
/boommine mine - mined transport. [ Need to look at transport ]
/boommine demine - demine transport. [ Need to look at transport ]


  "General settings": {
    "Detonate mined transport when destroyed": true,
    "Detonate mined transport when the player sits in it": true,
    "Detonate mined transport when the player disembarks from it": true,
    "Giving detonator after mining a transport": false,
    "Explosion radius": 10.0,
    "Prefix in chat": "<size=12><color=#FFFFFF50>[</color> <color=#00FF0050>XTransportMined</color> <color=#FFFFFF50>]</color></size>\n"


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