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XOreEvent 1.0.0


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About XOreEvent

XOreEvent - stone fever - a lot of sulfur in a couple of minutes.

- Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions.
- There is a lang ru/en.
- Sound effects.
- The ability to set the minimum online for the start of the Event.
- Possibility to configure the interval for launching the Event.
- Ability to enable/disable effects when spawning/removing stones.

-> Overview - YouTube <-



start_oreevent_admin - start the event manually.


  "General settings": {
    "Minimum online to start the event": 7,
    "Event start interval": 5400,
    "Event duration": 210,
    "Use the effect when spawning stones": true,
    "Use effect when removing stones": true
  "Settings GUI": {
    "AnchorMin": "1 0.7",
    "AnchorMax": "1 0.7",
    "OffsetMin": "-155 -17.5",
    "OffsetMax": "-5 17.5"



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