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About XSkinMenu

XSkinMenu - beautiful menu of skins for your server.

- Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions.
- Storing player data in - oxide/data/XSkinMenu
- There is a lang ru/en.
- Sound effects when interacting with the menu.
- Setting up item categories.
- Setting skins for each item.
- Blacklist of skins. You cannot change the skin of an item if it has a skin from the black list. [ For example: fire gloves, fire ax ]
- The ability to change skins for items in inventory, when crafting, when removing a skin and on installed items/constructions.
- The ability to change the skin of items/constructions installed by a friend.
- Automatic change of skins after entering the player's inventory. [ You can customize skins once and run with them ]
- The player can customize the menu/skins.
- Custom menu/skins customization by permishenes.
- Console commands for easy setting of items and skins.

- Setting up UI layers for easy interaction with the menu.
- Convenient removal of skins through the UI. [ Both admin and player ]

->  Overview - YouTube  <-


To fully configure the plugin, contact the developer after purchase. In private messages!

This is necessary for beautiful pictures to work.


List with items/skins is generated automatically! There is also an automatic check for new skins - added by developers, accepted by developers from the Steam Workshop, or drawn for twitch drops. [ Setting automation in the config ]

The list is generated and replenished with valid skins - added by developers, taken from the workshop or drawn for twitch drops.
No repetitions or broken skins.

- Some skin pictures are not loaded from the Steam Workshop!



xskinmenu.use - access to the menu.
xskinmenu.setting - access to settings.
xskinmenu.craft - access to changing the skin when crafting.
xskinmenu.entity - access to change the skin of items/constructions.
xskinmenu.inventory - access to change skins in the inventory.
xskinmenu.give- access to the automatic change of skins for items that fall into the inventory.


/skin - open the skins menu.
/skinentity - change the skin of the item/construction.

skinimage_reload - reload all images.

xskin add <item shortname> <skinID> - add a new skin to the list of item skins.
xskin <item shortname> <skinID> - remove a skin from the list of skins of an item.
xskin list <item shortname> - see a list of item skins.
xskin clearlist <item shortname> - clear the list of item skins.

[ There is a check for repetition and emptiness of lists ]


  "General settings": {
    "Generate/Check and add new skins accepted by developers or made for twitch drops": true,
    "Generate/Check and add new skins added by developers [ For example, a skin for hazmatsuit ]": false,
    "Show button to remove all skins": true,
    "Propagate blacklisted skins to repair bench": true,
    "Enable button to remove skins via UI": true,
    "Blacklist of skins that cannot be changed. [ For example: fire gloves, fire hatchet ]": [
  "Settings GUI": {
    "Layer UI - [ Overlay - above inventory | Hud - under inventory (to view installed skins without closing the menu) ]": "Overlay",
    "Refresh UI page after skin selection": true,
    "Refresh UI page after skin removal": true,
    "Color_background_1": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.95",
    "Color_background_2": "0.217 0.221 0.209 0.95",
    "Color_background_3": "0.217 0.221 0.209 1",
    "Active category color": "0.53 0.77 0.35 0.8",
    "Inactive category color": "0 0 0 0",
    "Category button color": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.5",
    "Settings buttons color": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.5",
    "Button color (icons)": "1 1 1 0.75",
    "Item/skin block color": "0.517 0.521 0.509 0.5",
    "Selected skin block color": "0.53 0.77 0.35 0.8",
    "Active next/refresh button color": "0.35 0.45 0.25 1",
    "Color of inactive next/refresh button": "0.35 0.45 0.25 0.4",
    "Next/refresh active button text color": "0.75 0.95 0.41 1",
    "Text color of inactive next/refresh button": "0.75 0.95 0.41 0.4",
    "Active back button color": "0.65 0.29 0.24 1",
    "Back button color": "0.65 0.29 0.24 0.4",
    "Active back button text color": "0.92 0.79 0.76 1",
    "Back button text color": "0.92 0.79 0.76 0.4"
  "Settings menu": {
    "Enabled parameter icon": "assets/icons/check.png",
    "Disabled parameter icon": "assets/icons/close.png",
    "Enabled parameter color": "0.53 0.77 0.35 0.8",
    "Disabled parameter color": "1 0.4 0.35 0.8"
  "Category settings": {
    "weapon": [
    "construction": [
    "item": [
    "attire": [
    "tool": [
    "transport": [


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