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Found 11 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This abandoned bunker lies beneath a small village. Due to the whole place being abandoned, nature took over and everything is overgrown with plants. For mysterious reason the people the bunker once belonged to left in a hurry and everything inside have been left to decay. Additional info: -Prefabs - 1284 -Puzzles - 1 Full red keycard required to access all loot (
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a lighthouse developed by the Cobalt Cargo Shipping Company or the CCSC to prevent their cargo ships from hitting land or dangerous objects in the ocean. There are two versions of the lighthouse one with scientists and one without scientists so you can add your own AI. This monument has 772 prefabs. Place at -40.133 on the Y position to make the lighthouse sit at water level. Has the lighthouse spinning light at night time and outside lights turn on at night and off during the day. Players can fly a minicopter or scrap transport and land on the helipad or take a boat and climb up a ladder. There are 19 total loot crates from food to elite crates, 22 loot barrels and 1 diesel barrel spawn. The tea kettle in the kitchen is designed to work with the loot profile provided to have a chance to give a basic tea. Lighthouse has 1 green door that is powered by just a button and 1 blue card door that works off a fuse and switch to the card reader. Place the prefab folder in your custom prefabs RustEdit folder and the "tea kettle.lprof" in your Loot Preset folder in RustEdit folder. Any questions message me on Discord https://discord.gg/xBejYDkYTk
  3. Version 1.4.6


    Features Reward players as they swipe their puzzle cards. Rewards can be Scrap, Economics, Server Rewards and/or Dog Tags (configurable). Quality checks ensuring a good card swipe (correct card reader, powered, door not already open, etc). Broadcasts card swipe to the server, including player and monument with grid location (configurable). Provides 10 min (configurable) cooldown period to prevent door spamming. Configuration { "Blue Card Swipe Money": 150.0, "Blue Card Swipe RP": 2, "Blue Card Swipe Scrap": 100, "Cooldown: Amount of time (secs) a player must wait before getting rewarded to avoid swipe spam": 600, "Debug Mode": false, "Green Card Swipe Money": 50.0, "Green Card Swipe RP": 1, "Green Card Swipe Scrap": 25, "Red Card Swipe Money": 300.0, "Red Card Swipe RP": 3, "Red Card Swipe Scrap": 300, "Show Console Messages": true, "Show Global Chat Monument Messages (eg. Player swipped card at Launch)": true, "Use Economics": true, "Use Scrap": true, "Use Server Rewards": true, "useDogTags: Use dog tags?": true } Localization { "EconomicsAwarded": "${0} awarded for {1} card swipe!", "PointsAwarded": "{0} Reward Points awarded for {1} card swipe!", "ScrapAwarded": "{0} scrap awarded for {1} card swipe!", "CardSwipedAt": "{0} swiped a {1} card at {2} ({3})!", "GreenCardLabel": "green", "BlueCardLabel": "blue", "RedCardLabel": "red" } For Developers //this is called after Puzzle Points has qualified a card swipe as a good swipe (correct card reader, door isn't already open, etc) private object OnPPSwipe(BasePlayer player, string cardType, CardReader cardReader, string monumentShortName, string gridPosition) { //return anything other than null to prevent default behavior return null; }
  4. Cig

    Quandary Tower

    Version 1.0.2


    this is quandary tower. a very tall puzzle filled with over 15 puzzles that players will need to complete in order to reach the top. there are also 2 build spots that players can build in near the top that players will need to complete the majority of the tower in order to reach them. once inside the build spots players can not enter the tower from the door the entered the build spot via they have a private sliding blast door with its own io that they can set up so they can come and go as they please via there own private heli pad the base can still be raided but the raider will need to complete the majority of the tower in order to reach the base. the tower its self has a ton of puzzles and a few of them are very difficult and players will most likely get stumped on them. a lot of the puzzles are unique and they will most likely not of encountered them before puzzles requiring them to use drones/cranes/io/rf transmitters. most of the puzzles wont kill them but there are a couple that are deadly. 150 io 213 loot container 2988 prefab the video below does a quick run through of the tower but does not show it all, it also does not show how to complete the puzzles. there is a guide that comes with the prefab that shows how to complete the puzzles players usually got stuck on. it also shows proper placement of the prefab.
  5. Wonder_Fox


    Version 1.0.3


    I want to introduce you to my new monument Motel, in it players will be able to find a lot of interesting things, for example research paper, which can be used to buy something in the shop, which is also in the motel. Players can find something in the cupboard, fridge, gas stove and washing machine. And there's also a lot of regular loot here. Access to the rooms is only possible with an access card All modifiers are present: Splats, Topologies, Heights and Alpha And there are also loot and vending machine presets that you can edit Prefab count: ~4.4k
  6. Version 1.0.8


    The Large Challenge House has lasers that deal damage, fans that prevent walking, radiation, spikes, and puzzles, as well as loot presets. it`s a ready-to-go prefab to add to any of your maps using RustEdit. Prefab count: ~2200
  7. Version 0.0.2


    Puzzle Jump Plugin for Rust: Elevate Your Server Experience to a New Level Transform your Rust server into a unique playground filled with challenges and entertainment with the Puzzle Jump Plugin. Puzzle Jump Plugin enhances your Rust server by offering the ability to create customized, timed obstacle courses for an interactive and stimulating game experience. Important The plugin is currently stable but still in a testing phase for a short while, which is why it is being offered at a promotional price for its launch. The promotion will end once the roadmap goals are achieved. I am readily available for all your questions, here or on Discord (d.0ne_), so please do not hesitate to contact me if needed. Key Features Customizable Puzzle Creation: Build unique courses with start/end buttons and checkpoints for a tailored gaming experience. Reward System Distribute dynamic rewards based on player performance, with an attractive ranking system. Puzzle Flexibility Easily adapt and relocate non-static puzzles for constant renewal. Coming Soon Static Puzzles Get ready for the integration of puzzles into fixed structures for even more variety. Example Puzzle Pack Quickly get started with five ready-to-use puzzles, fully customizable. Leaderboard with UI An intuitive leaderboard to track player performance in real time. Total Customization Fully configure the plugin, including time-based rewards. Requirements: Requires CopyPaste plugin to function. Plugin Installation: Place the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin/config/PuzzleJumpPlugin' folder into '/oxide/configuration', ensuring that you end up with an '/oxide/configuration/PuzzleJumpPlugin' folder. Move the contents of the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin/data/CopyPaste' folder into '/oxide/data/CopyPaste'. Place the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin.cs' file into 'oxide/plugins' and then start the plugin. For further steps, follow the tutorials Use the Example Puzzles Placing a Puzzle: Use `/puzzle_setposition <puzzle_name> [autoheight]`. The `[autoheight]` option is optional and adjusts the puzzle to ground level. Each puzzle can only be instantiated once. Video Tutorial : Creating / Editing a Puzzle Here is a video showing the creation of a Puzzle Jump. The process is the same when you want to edit a puzzle, but you will need to use the command '/puzzle_edit <puzzle_name>' : Video Plugin Commands For Creation and Editing /puzzle_create <puzzle_name> <true | false>` : Starts the creation of a puzzle. /puzzle_save : Saves modifications to a puzzle. /puzzle_setbutton <start | default | end>` : Assigns a type to a targeted button. /puzzle_exit Exits creation/editing mode without saving. /puzzle_removebutton <type <index>>` : Removes a specified button. /puzzle_setradius <radius>` : Adjusts the radius of the puzzle. For Management puzzle_setposition <puzzle_name> [autoheight] : Changes the puzzle's position. The `[autoheight]` option is optional and sets the puzzle to ground level. Player Commands puzzle_ladder : Displays the player leaderboard Roadmap Static Puzzles: Ability to create puzzles on monuments, or with prefabs in RustEdit. Checkpoint Respawn: Ability for players to respawn at a checkpoint if they fall. Puzzle Packs (with electricity): Introduction of electrically integrated puzzle packs. Configuring a Puzzle: enabled: Defines if a puzzle is instantiated at the start of the plugin. displayName: The name displayed to players in-game. useDefaultCheckPoints: Determines if the default checkpoints are effective. timer: maxTime: The maximum time for the puzzle, after which the player fails. zoneConfiguration: radius: Radius of the zone (default is 15). enablePvp: Enable PvP in the zone (default is false). enableFallDamages: Enable fall damages (default is false). enableSleeping: Allow players to sleep in the puzzle (default is false). enableVehicle: Allow vehicles in the puzzle. rankScoreTable: Score table sorted by rank (score being the time achieved by the player). rewardsTable: Table of rewards, sorted by rank (see "Configuring Reward Tiers"). Configuring Reward Tiers (According to Rank): In 'rewardsTable' (for each puzzle), you can configure: Items (list): rewardItemShortName: The shortName of the item. quantity: The quantity. Hooks (list): pluginName: The name of the plugin the hook belongs to. hook: The hook (must have a BasePlayer as a parameter). Commands (list): command: The command to execute, use %player_id to get the player's ID. Support and Assistance: I am fully committed to providing an exceptional user experience. For any questions, issues, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your feedback is crucial for the continuous improvement of the plugin.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Set of three jump puzzles with increasing difficulty from green to red cards each with better loot as it get harder. SwampTemple Greencard Jumppuzzle 1.0.0 99 Prefabs 3 Crate Normal 1 Bluecard 1 Vehicleparts You need 1 Fuse 1 Greencard A simple jump to a fuse, on to the green door and open, loot and end SwampTemple Bluecard Jumppuzzle 1.0.0 380 Prefabs 1 Crate Tools 3 Crate Normal 1 Crate Elite 1 Redcard 2 Foodbox 2 Loot Barrel 1 Oil Barrel You need x Fuel 1 Rock/Axe/Chainsaw 1 Fuse 1 Bluecard to Enter you need Fuel to fill the generator, open the door, now comes a jump part, jump up, use a fuse jump on, use the bluecard, now loot, take the redcard, press the button and go out. The SwampTemple 2359 Prefabs 1 Bluecard 1 Greencard 36 Crate Normal 3 Crate Tools 4 Foodbox 8 Loot Barrel 1 Oil Barrel 3 Crate Elite You need 4 Fuse 1 Bluecard 1 Redcard One of my first monuments from over a year ago shines again. The old swamp temple offers some surprises, requires courage and skill, flooded corridors, locked doors, and at the end the big loot
  9. Version 1.0.4


    You can't buy this monument on this website anymore. I changed it because I don't want to participate anymore to the enrichment of some people here with my stuff, but not wanting to delete my page so that my customers can continue to download the updates, so the only solution was to disable the possibility to buy it here. But as the master say this thing is "subjest to change". If you want to buy this map, just do a simple search on google with "rust pterodome monument", you will find the second site where I sell my stuff. You can also join my discord and send me a private message to have more info : https://discord.gg/kcUm5SX Find the best way with jump puzzles and card puzzles to reach the loot in this detailed and polish monument inspired by the world of Jurassic Park. The monument can also be used as an arena event (and even use the entrance as a lobby) and is extremely easy to install on your map. After the nuclear apocalypse, the last pterodactyls recreated in laboratory have this time completely disappeared from the surface of the Earth. But one of the buildings where they were kept is still standing, and still contains some of the stuff used to keep them locked in their cage. It's up to you to explore it to recover this stuff. This monument contain an "Arena" version without any loot, ore, barrels and card puzzle, all acces are closed (except doors between lobby and arena with an admin panel to open this doors), there's invisible collider all around the dome to prevent players outside to shot players inside. FEATURES: - 2 small monuments, 1 main with lobby - 1 entrance, 3 exit - Card puzzle (green and red) - Jump puzzle - Blue card desk - Recycler - Research table - Loot tier 1, 2 and 3 - Nodes - Trees PHONES ID: - PTEROCAFE - PTEROLOBBY SECURITY CAMS ID: - PTERO1 - PTERO2 - PTERO3 prefabs : 5900 Arena version prefabs : 4900 If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Minuteman 28 is a bunker named after the LGM-30 Minuteman missiles. It is a fully populated subterranean facility featuring a nuclear silo, a control room, 2 entrance-ways, (both requiring a red key card and fuse,) and one exit. Around the backside of the facility is a helicopter pad, a hangar, and an industrial pigeon nest. Scattered throughout the bunker are scientists protecting their loot. The control room holds most of the monument's loot, (2 elite crates, 1 wooden crate, and 1 green crate,) along with the other wooden crates and barrels around the monument. There are also 3 CCTV cameras scattered throughout the facility. (BunkerC1, BunkerC2, BunkerC3 respectively.) If you need any assistance with the structure, you can reach me at sciencemind#5471 on Discord. WARNING: This structure requires Oxide and the RustEDIT plugin.


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