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Dennkins Swamp Temples 1.0.0

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About Dennkins Swamp Temples

Set of three jump puzzles with increasing difficulty from green to red cards each with better loot as it get harder.

SwampTemple Greencard Jumppuzzle 1.0.0
99 Prefabs

3 Crate Normal
1 Bluecard
1 Vehicleparts

You need
1  Fuse
1 Greencard

A simple jump to a fuse, on to the green door and open, loot and end

SwampTemple Bluecard Jumppuzzle 1.0.0

380 Prefabs

1 Crate Tools
3 Crate Normal
1 Crate Elite
1 Redcard
2 Foodbox
2 Loot Barrel
1 Oil Barrel

You need
x Fuel
1 Rock/Axe/Chainsaw
1 Fuse
1 Bluecard

to Enter you need Fuel to fill the generator,
open the door,
now comes a jump part, jump up, use a fuse jump on,
use the bluecard, now loot, take the redcard, press the button and go out.

The SwampTemple

2359 Prefabs

1 Bluecard
1 Greencard
36 Crate Normal
3 Crate Tools
4 Foodbox
8 Loot Barrel
1 Oil Barrel
3 Crate Elite

You need
4 Fuse
1 Bluecard
1 Redcard

One of my first monuments from over a year ago shines again.
The old swamp temple offers some surprises, requires courage and skill,
flooded corridors, locked doors, and at the end the big loot


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