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About Puzzle Points


  • Reward players as they swipe their puzzle cards.
  • Rewards can be Scrap, Economics and/or Server Rewards (configurable).
  • Quality checks ensuring a good card swipe (correct card reader, powered, door not already open, etc).
  • Broadcasts card swipe to the server, including player and monument with grid location (configurable).



  "Blue Card Swipe Money": 150.0,
  "Blue Card Swipe RP": 2,
  "Blue Card Swipe Scrap": 100,
  "Debug Mode": false,
  "Green Card Swipe Money": 50.0,
  "Green Card Swipe RP": 1,
  "Green Card Swipe Scrap": 25,
  "Red Card Swipe Money": 300.0,
  "Red Card Swipe RP": 3,
  "Red Card Swipe Scrap": 300,
  "Show Console Messages": true,
  "Show Global Chat Monument Messages (eg. Player swipped card at Launch)": true,
  "Use Economics": true,
  "Use Scrap": true,
  "Use Server Rewards": true



  "EconomicsAwarded": "${0} awarded for {1} card swipe!",
  "PointsAwarded": "{0} Reward Points awarded for {1} card swipe!",
  "ScrapAwarded": "{0} scrap awarded for {1} card swipe!",
  "CardSwipedAt": "{0} swiped a {1} card at {2} ({3})!",
  "GreenCardLabel": "green",
  "BlueCardLabel": "blue",
  "RedCardLabel": "red"


For Developers

//this is called after Puzzle Points has qualified a card swipe as a good swipe (correct card reader, door isn't already open, etc)
private object OnPPSwipe(BasePlayer player, string cardType, CardReader cardReader, string monumentShortName, string gridPosition)
	//return anything other than null to prevent default behavior
	return null;



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