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About My Supply

 A minimized plugin to allow server admins more control over supply drops. 



  • Enable or disable loot restriction to the owner of the supply signal thrown.
  • Allow or remove the plane animation across the map.
  • Enable or disable the parachute prefab.
  • Enable or disable the ability to loot the supply drop while mid-air (likely via mini).



  • allow NPCs to guard supply drops (generally and/or for protected drops
  • allow players to call in a drop via command
  • admin config UI
  • allow admin to call in supply drop (random and specific locations, esp in monuments)
  • developer API
  • allow a map display of all supply drops
  • allow admin complete management of existing unlooted supply drops (inc custom event for soon to be expiring supply drops)



  "is_owner_locked: Is the supply drop locked to its owner?": true,
  "is_vanilla: Vanilla Rust?": false,
  "is_plane: Allow for the cargo plane annimation, or drop in the sky immediately?": true,
  "is_parachute: Include a standard parachute prefab, or defy the laws of modern physics?": true,
  "is_air_lootable: Can we loot supply drops mid-air with a mini?": true



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