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About Lazarus Lighthouse

This is a lighthouse developed by the Cobalt Cargo Shipping Company or the CCSC to prevent their cargo ships from hitting land or dangerous objects in the ocean.

There are two versions of the lighthouse one with scientists and one without scientists so you can add your own AI. 

This monument has 772 prefabs.

Place at -40.133 on the Y position to make the lighthouse sit at water level. 

Has the lighthouse spinning light at night time and outside lights turn on at night and off during the day.

Players can fly a minicopter or scrap transport and land on the helipad or take a boat and climb up a ladder.

There are 19 total loot crates from food to elite crates, 22 loot barrels and 1 diesel barrel spawn. 

The tea kettle in the kitchen is designed to work with the loot profile provided to have a chance to give a basic tea.

Lighthouse has 1 green door that is powered by just a button and 1 blue card door that works off a fuse and switch to the card reader.


Place the prefab folder in your custom prefabs RustEdit folder and the "tea kettle.lprof" in your Loot Preset folder in RustEdit folder.


Any questions message me on Discord https://discord.gg/xBejYDkYTk


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