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About Emerald Ranch

This is a recreation of Emerald Ranch from Red Dead Redemption 2.

This has a footprint about the size of Satellite Dish.

Has 3025 prefabs.

One Npc vendor that sells farming supplies like the one at outpost.

Two green card rooms and one blue card spawner.

5 green crates, 7 brown crates, 5 food crates, 23 barrels.

Chicken coops have small crates than drop painted eggs.

Horse dung piles have invisible crates that drop horse dung.

Water tower fills a water barrel on the ground below it so players can grab a drink.

A few of the corn crops are collectable, so for them to reappear use BMG Jet's Growables Respawn plugin.

Be sure to put the .vprof files in you VendingPresets folder, and .lprof files in your LootPresets folder.

I've included a working .cs file of Custom Animal Spawns made by k1lly0u as the one on Umod doesn't work. Go to https://umod.org/plugins/custom-animal-spawns on how to work the plugin.

For any support contact me on Discord at Explosive_Shart#5430

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