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About Lon Lon Ranch

A recreation of Lon Lon Ranch from "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time" but "Rusted" up a bit to fit the game.

I made it as close to scale as possible without taking up too much space.

This is meant to be a replacement for Stables.

Does not have a safe zone.

Has a footprint about the size of Outpost with 1244 prefabs.

Total of 6 loot crates and 15 loot barrels.

Has one recycler and one level 1 workbench.

Has both Stables Mission Providers.

Has 5 horse spawners and a vending machine with both Saddles, both Horse Shoes and Roadsign Horse Armor. To claim a horse buy a saddle and hold your action key until it says "Buy Horse".

To install unzip the file and place all prefab files in your CustomPrefabs folder for RustEdit and place the lonlonranch.vprof file in VendingPresets.

For support message me on discord at Explosive_Shart#5430

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