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About Dream Motel

This is the Dream Motel that has fallen from its glory days. What used to be a lovely place to rest on your travels has fallen in to disrepair. Vagrants have destroyed the place and left it a mess.

1793 prefabs.

I did not place a prevent building sphere so place your own or use Zone Manager to prevent players building.

About the size of Oxums Gas Station.

Has 11 rooms with bathrooms that have working showers, a front office and a laundry room. 

Each room has a its own light switch that works for 5 minutes and shuts off to save on server performance.

Has a swimming pool with drinkable water and vending machines that sell some food and pookies so you can sleep in peace.

One simple puzzle room that does not require cards or fuses.

Place prefab, splat and topology files in your Custom Prefab folder and the .vprof in your Vending Presets for the vending machine to sell the right items or they will default to resources. 

Prefabs and vending profiles are in their own folder.

1 mil crate
2 food crate 
1 tool crate 
1 brown crate
1 ammo crate 
3 basic crate
4 brown crates
Plus barrels.

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