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Quandary Tower 1.0.2

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About Quandary Tower

this is quandary tower. a very tall puzzle filled with over 15 puzzles that players will need to complete in order to reach the top. there are also 2 build spots that players can build in near the top that players will need to complete the majority of the tower in order to reach them. once inside the build spots players can not enter the tower from the door the entered the build spot via they have a private sliding blast door with its own io that they can set up so they can come and go as they please via there own private heli pad the base can still be raided but the raider will need to complete the majority of the tower in order to reach the base. the tower its self has a ton of puzzles and a few of them are very difficult and players will most likely get stumped on them. a lot of the puzzles are unique and they will most likely not of encountered them before puzzles requiring them to use drones/cranes/io/rf transmitters. most of the puzzles wont kill them but there are a couple that are deadly.


150 io

213 loot container

2988 prefab


the video below does a quick run through of the tower but does not show it all, it also does not show how to complete the puzzles. there is a guide that comes with the prefab that shows how to complete the puzzles players usually got stuck on. it also shows proper placement of the prefab.



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