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Outpost 2.0 1.0.2

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About Outpost 2.0

this is essentially outpost and bandit camp combined plus a whole bunch more. its an amalgamation having prefabs from every monument. making outpost seem more alive and bringing more player interaction. the puzzle is difficult and the monument its self can be confusing your first time so this comes with a very detailed guide explaining all of the secrets not listed here (players would just use it to cheat their way though it all if it was listed here)


4011 prefab count

43 loot container

151 io


whats in it?

  • 3 recycler
  • workbench 1, 2, 3
  • research bench
  • repair bench
  • custom shredder fully functional with multiple purpose
  • 19 vendors (18 npc vendors and 1 vending machine) that have all of the items from outpost and bandit (you will most likely need to adjust prices for your server in the vending presets)
  • 3 build spots
  • quarry
  • refinery
  • large furnace
  • stables with 6 horses that respawn after purchase
  • 2 car lifts
  • full casino with multiple floors
  • fully functional drone market place
  • info hub for your server that you will need to customize for your server
  • a working custom wipe timer that you will need to set up once link explains how https://wiki.facepunch.com/rust/server-wipe-timer
  • execution chamber/holding cell
  • a very difficult puzzle that requires a drone to complete basically all of the loot is in this puzzle
  • an additional hidden room that you can use for server events/special stuff
  • a free loot container for players to leave stuff in for other players
  • bar
  • peep show
  • 3 chill lounge areas
  • 2 zip lines
  • 1 "RP" spot
  • water well
  • telephone booth
  • 3 bbq
  • 2 more hidden rooms 1 has a small loot room
  • all of the mission providers from outpost and bandit
  • airwolf heli vendor
  • custom train tunnel entrance
  • piano and stereo
  • 4 computer stations and a drone port for the puzzle




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