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Umbra City 1.0.70

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About Umbra City

does the sun hurt your eyes when you look at it? well then do i have a prefab for you! stop worrying about that burning ball of fire trying to kill you and just spend the entire wipe underground!! no really this place has everything you could need and more. its basically an entire map in its self.

this is umbra city. a rather large prefab that is basically a giant monument with over 140 player buildable spots, with several monuments inside of this as well, and a few vendors

obviously due to its size lag is a factor. on a fresh wipe umbra is surprisingly lag free. the key is keeping as much stuff as you can in darkness. i suggest using a plugin to limit how many entities a player can place, specifically lights.

monuments inside of umbra:

  • movie theater
  • npc base
  • strip club/bar
  • casino
  • safe quarry
  • autoshop
  • mine/tunnels
  • sewer
  • fight club
  • i think the pathing inside of umbra could also be considered a monument in its self
  • there are also a couple random puzzles scattered around not really connected to anything


13894 prefab

364 io

8 vending machine/npc

757 loot container -  a big portion of this is close by player build spots within the 4/5 block range so loot will stop spawning near player built stuff making loot more scarce inside of umbra. this place is massive 757 sounds like a lot but it is spread out well. and you are always welcome to edit the loot to your needs. the zip comes with the map of it and the prefab its self so you can easily edit it (read the guide)


PS if anyone is crazy enough to actually want a bigger version pm me in discord ℘̷͖͗ℭ͎ͦ̕ƾ̸̣ͤ#0288 i have so many more ideas and dreams... this prefab is my baby. unfortunately this prefab has hit its limit for the server i am on (actually hit it well before this iteration of umbra) 




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