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Amsterdam 1.0.421

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About Amsterdam

this is a massive prefab (there is a screenshot of it next to launch site) with tons of build spots, a shop, and my personal favorite puzzle that i have made. the puzzle/monument is pretty long and might/probably will kill your players. a couple of the traps the body is not retrievable. 

11651 prefab

178 loot container. this might sound like a lot but ~90% of the loot is scattered around like loot you will find along the road and a good portion of it are in the 4/5 block despawn range of player stuff so loot will become more scarce as more build there (all loot rooms are protected from this)

310 io connections. yes you need oxide

70~ custom build spots almost all are above but some are underground. the ones above ground range from a empty lot to several variations of custom buildings for players to all build in.

there is a guide in the zip file with more details on how to place prefab



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