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Pterodome (monument and arena) 1.0.2


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About Pterodome (monument and arena)

Find the best way with jump puzzles and card puzzles to reach the loot in this detailed and polish monument inspired by the world of Jurassic Park.
The monument can also be used as an arena event (and even use the entrance as a lobby) and is extremely easy to install on your map.

After the nuclear apocalypse, the last pterodactyls recreated in laboratory have this time completely disappeared from the surface of the Earth.
But one of the buildings where they were kept is still standing, and still contains some of the stuff used to keep them locked in their cage.
It's up to you to explore it to recover this stuff.

This monument contain an "Arena" version without any loot, ore, barrels and card puzzle, all acces are closed (except doors between lobby and arena with an admin panel to open this doors), there's invisible collider all around the dome to prevent players outside to shot players inside.

- 2 small monuments, 1 main with lobby
- 1 entrance, 3 exit
- Card puzzle (green and red)
- Jump puzzle
- Blue card desk
- Recycler
- Research table
- Loot tier 1, 2 and 3
- Nodes
- Trees



prefabs : 5900
Arena version prefabs : 4900

If you have any question you can contact me as follows


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