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About IQDronePatrol

Immerse your players in a unique world with a fresh gaming experience, introducing drone patrols on monuments! Drone patrols are a fantastic addition to the existing NPCs on monuments, bringing a new level of interest to the game and extending your players' gaming experience!


The plugin introduces dynamic battles, completely transforming the mechanics of monument raids and turning them into airborne combat scenarios!
Give your server a breath of fresh air with the IQDronePatrol plugin. It's a unique addition that will delight players on your servers!

Suitable for both PvP and PvE servers, with maximum customization options and easy plugin installation

Be sure to watch until the end - dynamic moments unfold gradually. This video is worth 1.5 minutes of your time.

Also, check out the screenshots section.
Standard configuration is already provided in the plugin after installation!

List of features :


Drone Battle :
If you have the IQGuardianDrone plugin installed, your guardian drones will engage patrol drones in thrilling aerial battles!

EMP Grenades :
The plugin features two types of EMP grenades:
- Overload: Upon detonation, creates a visual red zone. Drones caught in this zone immediately explode due to electrical overload.
- Electro: Upon detonation, creates a visual blue zone. Drones caught in this zone are temporarily stunned and crash to the ground, emitting sparks. After some time, they can take off again and resume the fight.
Upon repeated hits with an electro grenade, the drone explodes as if hit by an overload grenade.

 Peregruska.gif.919911506dfb78c23e6ca6d744306dba.gif      Electro.gif.5ad7f13972bbf0717aa597a3795e478c.gif

                                           Overload                                                                                              Electro

Drone Sizes :
Drones come in four sizes: standard, small, medium, and large. You can create different types of drones of varying sizes on the same monument.

Loot Configuration :
The plugin offers detailed loot configuration. You can create various loot presets and use multiple presets with different loot in drones simultaneously. Drop chances for each item can be customized!

The plugin offers detailed customization options for everything!
You can create an unlimited number of drone presets and loot presets.
All of this can be used on monuments, and each monument can be configured separately!
This allows you to create unique battles at each monument, limited only by your imagination and settings!

Drone Display on G-Map:
You can enable drone display on the G-Map for each preset. This allows you to create the visibility of 'hardcore' drones or make 'ninja drones' that will not be displayed on your G-Map for players!

Weapon rotation by wipe time :
The plugin includes weapon rotation for drones over wipe time. This means you can configure drones to have revolvers after a wipe, and after a certain amount of time, their weapons and difficulty level improve!
This is a fully dynamic plugin!

Position generation :
The plugin automatically generates positions for all monuments and saves them until the next wipe. The positions are always unique and unpredictable. Patrol drones fly randomly, patrolling the area and never intersecting at the same position*.
*Supports 80% of monuments!

Optimization :
Optimization features are provided, and the plugin will not operate unnecessarily without player presence. This means that if there are no players at the monument, drones will not operate and will remain in standby mode. As soon as a player approaches the monument, drones activate for the duration of their presence. This prevents unnecessary use of server resources and ensures stable plugin operation.
Limits and restrictions on the number of drones (maximum of 15 per monument) are provided to prevent potential overload

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