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About Workbench Crafter

Workbench crafter is a new crafting system, instead of the current way of staying AFK next to workbench waiting for the craft to finish now you can leave that task to the workbench and go to PVP with your teammates.

Depends on:

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Craft panel has easy to use GUI and perfectly blends with Rust native UI.

Crafting task & storage saved when server restart and will finish craft upon server startup.

When destroying Workbench all the loot will be dropped.

Allow craft menu access in building privilege only.

Open craft menu anywhere.

Auto Craft items.

Link loot boxes with workbench for an easy way to craft.

A permission and Chat command to open UI instead of pressing "E" to open the craft menu anywhere.


Permission use: WorkbenchCrafter.use.
Permission no crafting time: WorkbenchCrafter.nocraftingtime.
Permission use anywhere: WorkbenchCrafter.useAnywhere.

Update 1.1.5




  "Permission use": "WorkbenchCrafter.use",
  "Permission no crafting time": "WorkbenchCrafter.nocraftingtime",
  "Permission use anywhere": "WorkbenchCrafter.useAnywhere",
  "Settings": {
    "GUI color": "0.6 0.6 0.6 0.3",
    "GUI color (when using /workbench command)": "0 0 0 0.9",
    "Allow craft menu access in building privilege only (true or false)": true,
    "Don't allow using /workbench when building blocked (true or false)": true,
    "Crafting time multiplier": 1.0,
    "Storage slots(0 no limit)": 0,
    "Default stack size": true,
    "Custom stack size": 1.0,
    "Maximum items crafting in queue": 8,
    "Include default blueprints": false


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