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About IQGradeRemove

IQGradeRemove - a two-in-one plugin for upgrading and removing structures or objects for your players.

Extensive customization options are available, including the ability to specify separate permissions, offering excellent monetization options for this plugin on your server. All of these settings are configurable in the configuration file!


How to Install Images?
Go to the folder `/data/IQSystem/IQGradeRemove` and transfer the Images folder from the archive there. Then reload the plugin. You can also download the images from a link - click to open the link.

List of Features:
- The ability to fully replace the interface to your liking; I provide all the images along with the plugin.

Variable /remove:
- Use options to return items to players, return the item fully with applied durability damage, or the resources it is crafted from (the percentage of returned resources will depend on the item's durability).
- Completely prohibit the removal of an object after N time.
- Temporarily prohibit the removal of an object after its placement.
- Set your own percentage of resource return for object removal, regardless of its durability.

Advanced /upgrade:
- Require to restore the durability level of the structure before upgrading, or allow upgrading regardless of durability.
- Support for NoEscape, Friends, and Clans plugins for interacting with teammates.
- Support for XBuildingSkinMenu for upgrading an object and immediately applying a skin to it.
- The ability to roll back a building upgrade with or without resource return.

- Modify/remove or add an unlimited number of commands for the use of upgrading or removing functions.

- The ability to specify a cooldown for `/remove` | `/upgrade` usage.


Chat Commands:
/up - Enables upgrade mode followed by level increase, and if the upgrade level is maximum, it switches to remove mode for convenience.
/up [1-4] - Enables upgrade mode with a specific upgrade level.
/remove - Enables building removal mode.
You can fully customize the commands in the configuration or add new ones.(1).png.77280bb0c71ccb74060b465f6d9fd002.pngPermissions :

iqgraderemove.distancefunc - Permission for remote upgrading (no need to hit the structure with a tool, just waving it near the object is enough) (Enabled and configured in the configuration)
iqgraderemove.allobjects - Permission to upgrade all objects at once, tied to the cupboard
iqgraderemove.allobjectsremove - Permission to remove all objects at once, tied to the cupboard
iqgraderemove.grusenorecource - Permission to upgrade without resource costs

Permissions for each plugin feature separately (Enable support for this functionality in the configuration)

iqgraderemove.upwood - wood
iqgraderemove.upstones - stone
iqgraderemove.upmetal - metal
iqgraderemove.uphmetal - hqm
iqgraderemove.removeuse - remove



API_GET_GRADE_LEVEL_PLAYER(player) - returns the grade level and its status, where: 0 - off, 1 - wood, 2 - stone, 3 - metal, 4 - HQM, 5 - remove.
API_GET_GRADE_TIME_PLAYER(player) - returns the active time for grade or removal


Configuration :

  "Upgrade settings": {
    "Require the structure to be repaired before upgrading it if it does not have full durability": true,
    "Disable upgrade during raid block": true,
    "Allow rolling back upgrade-level (Example : stone to wood)": false,
    "Cooldown settings before upgrade a new object": {
      "Use cooldown before action": false,
      "Time in seconds": 30.0
  "Remove settings": {
    "Disable remove during raid block": true,
    "Only friends can remove structures (otherwise, anyone who has access to the cupboard)": false,
    "Items that cannot be removed (Shortname)": [
    "Cooldown settings before removing a new object": {
      "Use cooldown before action": false,
      "Time in seconds": 30.0
    "Temporary construction removal restriction (Exapmle : After placing the object, it won't be possible to remove it for a certain amount of time)": {
      "Use lock function": false,
      "Time in seconds": 600,
      "Privilege-based configuration [iqgraderemove.name = time (in seconds)]": {
        "iqgraderemove.elite": 100,
        "iqgraderemove.vip": 300
    "Complete prohibition of object removal (For example: After 3 hours of placing the object, it cannot be removed at all)": {
      "Use lock function": false,
      "Time in seconds": 600,
      "Privilege-based configuration [iqgraderemove.name = time (in seconds)]": {
        "iqgraderemove.elite": 1500,
        "iqgraderemove.vip": 1000
    "Resource and item return settings after deletion": {
      "Resource return settings for building deletion": {
        "Enable resource return for building deletion": true,
        "Use return percentage based on building durability (disregards 'Resource return percentage for building deletion')": true,
        "Resource return percentage for building deletion (regardless of building durability)": 100
      "Resource/item return settings for item deletion": {
        "Return items after deletion, otherwise return % of item's resources (if craftable)": true,
        "Use return percentage based on item durability (disregards 'Resource return percentage for item deletion')": true,
        "Resource return percentage for item deletion (if percentage return is enabled)": 100,
        "Reduce item condition upon return": true,
        "Items to be ignored after deletion - they will simply be deleted without any return of items or resources (Shortname)": [
  "Allow remote upgrade/remove (just hit with a mallet next to the object) (grant rights)": false,
  "Setting Commands for functions": {
    "List of commands to upgrade": [
    "List of commands to remove": [
  "Remove the UI when the player has passed all stages of improvement - or will be looped (there will be no looping if the player does not have rights to a particular element with the support of rights to elements enabled)": true,
  "Enable support for rights for each element separately (rights are issued separately for each variation)": false,
  "Duration of the selected element (improvement/removal) in seconds": 60


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