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Coin Flipping 1.0.6


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About Coin Flipping

Adds a coin flipping mini game to your server. Players can try their luck by playing against both a bot and a real player.



  • flip - open interface



  • coinflipping.use - open interface
  • coinflipping.players - play against players
  • coinflipping.npcs - play against npcs
  • coinflipping.createroom - create a room




  "Commands": [
  "Work with Notify?": true,
  "Economy": {
    "Type (Plugin/Item)": "Plugin",
    "Plugin name": "Economics",
    "Balance add hook": "Deposit",
    "Balance remove hook": "Withdraw",
    "Balance show hook": "Balance",
    "ShortName": "scrap",
    "Display Name (empty - default)": "",
    "Skin": 0
  "Interface": {
    "Show coin in header?": true,
    "Coin Image": "https://i.imgur.com/GBVGvQa.png"
  "Values for Bot Game": [
  "Min Bet for Bot Game": 100,
  "Min Bet for Player Game": 100,
  "Permissions Settings": {
    "Opening the interface": "coinflipping.use",
    "Playing against players": "coinflipping.players",
    "Playing against NPCs": "coinflipping.npcs",
    "Creating a room": "coinflipping.createroom"




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