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If you do not display pictures, just reboot the plugin (o.reload Hud) to the console

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Please use Support Requests instead of Discussions if you experience errors!

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depends on

About Server Hud



  • You can set up Hud for your server using a user-friendly UI.
  • Status of events (Bradley, Patrol Helicopter, Cargo Ship, AirDrop, Chinook), Current online, number of sleeping players, number of players who connect to the server, player coordinates, server information.
  • You can also enable an additional menu that opens on the arrow. You can add various buttons to this menu, for example, to open a store, your server menu, etc.
  • You can also enable/disable support for Economics/ServerRewards, adjust position, Hud transparency








/h - show all Server Hud UI commands

/h open - open Server Hud UI

/h close - close Server Hud UI

/h hide - hide Server Hud UI

/h setup - opens the menu for configure Server Hud UI (available for  admins or  player with permission "hud.use")



  "Don't do Hud on top of everything": true,
  "Hud scale": 1.0,
  "Hud transparency": 1.0,
  "Name of your server": "YOUR SERVER NAME",
  "Server name color": "#B6FFFF",
  "Hud position on the screen(Left or Right)": "Left",
  "Hud position on the screen(Top or Bottom)": "Top",
  "Offset from the top of the screen(in px)": 5,
  "Offset from the right/left of the screen": 10,
  "Display active players": true,
  "Display offline players": true,
  "Display players in queue": true,
  "Display Bradley": true,
  "Display Helicopter": true,
  "Display Big Helicopter (CH47)": true,
  "Display Cargo Ship": true,
  "Display AirDrop": true,
  "Use 12 hour format": false,
  "Use the Economics plugin": false,
  "User the Server Rewards plugin": false,
  "Use additional menu": true,
  "Auto minimize aditional menu timer (Set to 0 if you want to disable the function)": 10,
  "Display player pos": false,
  "If the figure in the player’s position is displayed not correctly change to True": false,
  "Use grid pos system for player pos": true,
  "Offset from the left of the screen for text": 0,
  "Offset from the bottom of the screen for text": 0,
  "Interval between messages": 1800,
  "Display info text": true,
  "Disable aidrop after a cargo plane leaves": false,
  "Currency for the Economy plugin": "$"
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