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About Solo Enforcement

A lightweight plugin that disables various teaming methods to restrict players to solo gameplay.


Now featuring an automated warning system with kick/ban abilities!






  "Discord webhook URL": "https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks",
  "Discord message color": 9109504,
  "Log turret violations to Discord": false,
  "Log respawn violations to Discord": false,
  "Log revive violations to Discord": false,
  "Log cupboard auth violations to Discord": false,
  "Log team violations to Discord": false,
  "Log crafting violations to Discord": false,
  "Show violation messages in chat (does not need automatic warning turned on)": true,
  "Use automatic warning system": false,
  "Maximum warnings": 3,
  "Show warning count (popup)": false,
  "Warning popup time (seconds)": 5,
  "Ban after maximum warnings reached (will kick otherwise)": false,
  "Warn for turret violations": false,
  "Warn for respawn violations": false,
  "Warn for revive violations": false,
  "Warn for cupboard violations (recommended NOT to use)": false,
  "Warn for team violations": false,
  "Warn for crafting violations": false,
  "Restrict tool cupboards": true,
  "Require destruction of tool cupboards": true,
  "Ignore tool cupboard restrictions on decaying bases": true,
  "Restrict turrets": true,
  "Restrict sleeping bags & beds": true,
  "Restrict team creation": true,
  "Restrict codelock & keylock crafting": true



  "ChatCupboard": "Another player is already authorized on this tool cupboard.",
  "DiscordCupboard": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to authorize themselves on an already authorized tool cupboard.",
  "ChatTurretAuth": "Another player is already authorized on this turret.",
  "DiscordTurret": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to assign {player2} ({player2_id}) to their turret.",
  "ChatTurretAssign": "You are not allowed to assign players to your turret.",
  "DiscordRespawnAssign": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to assign their sleeping bag/bed to {player2} ({player2_id}).",
  "ChatRespawnAssign": "You are not allowed to assign players to your sleeping bags/beds.",
  "DiscordPublicBed": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to set their bed to public.",
  "ChatPublicBed": "You are not allowed to set your bed to public.",
  "DiscordTeam": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to create a team.",
  "ChatTeam": "Teams have been disabled.",
  "DiscordCraft": "{player1} ({player1_id}) attempted to craft a codelock/key.",
  "ChatCraft": "You are not allowed to craft that item.",
  "DiscordRevive": "{player1} ({player1_id}) revived {player2} ({player2_id}).",
  "BanMessage": "Too many teaming violations detected (auto ban).",
  "KickMessage": "Too many teaming violations detected (auto kick).",
  "WarningPopup": "Warning {0}/{1}"


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