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King and Lords 1.0.8

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About King and Lords


🗒️Сreates a feudal system. Now on your server players can take one of 5 roles:

  • Roles of Lords: There are 4 lords in total, each of which has its own territory (one of the parts of the world). If you farm resources in a given territory, then you will pay the tax set by the lord of this territory to his treasury.
  • The role of the king: The king does not have his own territory from which he will receive taxes, however, every time the lord takes tax from his treasury, he also gives a part in the form of tax to the king (the king sets his own tax).The role can be taken through the interface (if it is not already taken).Also, if a regular player kills the ruler, then he will take his place

If the ruler has not logged into the server for more than the time specified in the config, his role will be released


Screenshot_2.png.1db1e7ecd10b373679bce84f177d3f86.thumb.png.9d9f161aae3a6efd391508b5b7d0edad.png   502931481_(2).thumb.png.2cd40fb4cf1968792cc8b3c0bd5d0322.png




  "Forbid taking the role of the ruler if the player's ally is already in one of the roles": true,
  "SteamID for icon in chat messages": 0,
  "How long will it take for a player to be removed from office during a long offline period?(hours) (Checked when the server starts)": 36,
  "Command for open menu": "feodal",
  "Min tax": 15,
  "Max tax": 50


  "CM_RULERKILLRULER": "Player <color=yellow>{0}</color> killed the ruler <color=yellow>{1}</color>(<color=#0078F0>{2}</color>). Now the player <color=yellow>{0}</color> has become the new ruler(<color=#0078F0>{2}</color>), we congratulate him!",
  "CM_PLAYERKILLRULLER": "Ruler <color=yellow>{0}</color>(<color=#0078F0>{3}</color>) killed the ruler <color=yellow>{1}</color>(<color=#0078F0>{2}</color>). Now anyone can take the place of the ruler(<color=#0078F0>{3}</color>)",
  "CM_BECOMERULER": "Player <color=yellow>{0}</color> has become a ruler(<color=#0078F0>{1}</color>)",
  "CM_CANTBERULER": "You are already a ruler",
  "CM_LEAVEROLE": "Successfully left your role as ruler",
  "CM_LEAVEFROMROLE": "The player <color=yellow>{0}</color> left the role of the Ruler(<color=#0078F0>{1}</color>). Now anyone can take the place of the ruler(<color=#0078F0>{1}</color>)",
  "CM_TAXCANBE": "The tax can be from {0}% to {1}%",
  "CM_NEWTAX": "The ruler <color=yellow>{0}</color>(<color=#0078F0>{1}</color>) has established a new tax in the range of <color=#FF8B53>{2}%</color>.",
  "UI_KING": "KING",
  "UI_TAX": "TAX",
  "UI_LORD": "LORD",
  "UI_LEAVE": "<size=15>STOP BEING A RULER</size>"
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