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Additional Metabolism 1.2.2

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About Additional Metabolism


📢The Metabolism plugin will add 3 new parameters to the player, which will diversify the game on your server.


  • increase after taking damage
  • recovery during sleep or taking pills
  • event when the limit is reached. The appearance of 3 immortal boars around the player that are visible only to him.


  • magnification occurs every second
  • recovery during sleep
  • event when the limit is reached. The player falls asleep for a while without being able to wake up on his own

🗒️Relieve yourself:

  • increase after eating
  • recovery after the player poops
  • event when the limit is reached. The player squats down and poops until he empties his stomach


unk1nown.thumb.png.2cc02750517243a4ef6121aa4816baa8.png   unkn2own.thumb.png.394a3b037767b44e642150d6ca215a99.png



ChangeStamina(string userID, int value, string param);
(kidns of param: psyche/sleep/poop);



  "AdditionalMetabolism logic player settings | PSYCHE": {
    "Background color of psyche bar": "0.45 0.55 0.91 1.00",
    "Psyche per unit of take damage": 0.8,
    "Psyche bar limit": 100,
    "Psyche recovery during sleep": 0.15,
    "Comfort for psyche recovery (0-1)": 0.4,
    "Psyche recovery for tablets": 15.0,
    "Psyche value for disable event (less than limit)": 90.0,
    "Boar damage (Default 20)": 20.0,
    "Icon for the psyho bar": "https://i.imgur.com/ucB5j76.png"
  "AdditionalMetabolism logic player settings | SLEEP": {
    "Background color of sleep bar": "0.65 0.29 0.40 1.00",
    "Sleep bar limit": 350,
    "Go to sleep upon reaching the limit in seconds": 30,
    "Sleep per unit of time": 0.095,
    "Sleep recovery by N units per second": 0.5,
    "Sleep minimum value for start sleep": 20.0,
    "Icon for the sleeping bar": "https://i.imgur.com/vz0dts6.png"
  "AdditionalMetabolism logic player settings | POOP": {
    "Background color of poop bar": "0.49 0.39 0.42 1.00",
    "Poop bar limit": 250,
    "Poop recovery per unit of poop": 20.0,
    "Food digestion time in seconds": 360,
    "Poop minimum value for start sleep": 40.0,
    "Poop delete time in seconds": 15,
    "Icon for the poop bar": "https://i.imgur.com/c9qDgq1.png"


  "CM_UI_STATE": "You are tired",
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