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About Foundation Limit



  • The plugin allows you to control the number of foundations per player (or per clan).
  • You can also customize the number of foundations per player using permissions.
  • Plugin works with Clans (from UMod or Clans REBORN). Also it can be used without the Clans plugin. How it works with the Clans plugin: If a player is in a clan, then he can use the entire clan limit (the clan limit counts the limit of each player), and a certain amount of an additional limit for each player is added to this limit (this percentage can be configured in the config or set to 0, which will disable this function)



playerflimit steamid - show player limit (RCON command)


  "SteamID for icon in chat messages": 0,
  "Command for check limit": "flimit",
  "Additional foundations for each player (Percentage)": 0.05,
  "Permission - Limit for foundations(Should go from standard to best)": {
    "foundationlimits.default": 50,
    "foundationlimits.vip": 100,
    "foundationlimits.premium": 200


  "CM_LIMIT": "You have exceeded the limit for building foundations (type /{0})",
  "CM_LIMITFULL": "Your limit for foundations: <color=red>{0}/{1}</color>",
  "CM_NOTFULLLIMIT": "Your limit for foundations: <color=green>{0}/{1}</color>"
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