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Private Horse 1.0.1

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About Private Horse


🗒️The plugin that allows players to brand horses. A branded horse can only be saddled by its owner or his ally (if the option is enabled in the config).



  "Allow the owner's allies to mount his horse": false,
  "Horse limit command": "hlimit",
  "Command for claim horse": "hclaim",
  "Command for unclaim horse": "hrelease",
  "SteamID for icon in chat messages": 0,
  "Maximum number of horses that a player can brand(The player automatically gets the first permission)": {
    "privatehorse.default": 2,
    "privatehorse.vip": 3,
    "privatehorse.premium": 5


  "CM_NOOWNER": "This horse has no owner. You can become the owner of this horse (Type /{0}).",
  "CM_ONLYOWNER": "Only the owner of the horse can saddle it.",
  "CM_ONHORSE": "You must be on a horse to use this command.",
  "CM_LIMITISFULL": "Your horse limit is full",
  "CM_BECOMEAOWNER": "You have successfully become the owner of this horse.(Type /{0} for informaton about your horse limit)",
  "CM_NOTANOWNER": "You do not own this horse.",
  "CM_UNCLAIM": "You set the horse free. She can now be branded by other players",
  "CM_LIMIT": "Your horse limit: <color=green>{0}/{1}</color>",
  "CM_ALREADYHAVEOWNER": "This horse already has an owner"
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