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About Better Teams


Enhances team gameplay by offering features like a team HUD, automatic authorization, team-specific skins, easy markers, and a dedicated team voice chat, with customizable permissions for monetization and performance optimization.


  • This plugin will give your players a better experience when playing in a team.
  • Team Hud - shows the health, condition(wounded, sleep, offline, etc), active item and square (player location on the map) of your allies
  • Automatic authorization - adds automatic authorization in turrets, tc's, code locks and sam sites. The team leader can enable/disable authorization for each allie, so that the team can safely accept new players!
  • Team skins - ability to choose skins for the team, when an item goes into inventory, it is automatically reskin into the team skin
  • Easy team marker - allow players to use the marker without binoculars
  • Team voice chat - allows players to switch voice chat to team voice chat. When enabled, the player will only be heard by his allies, works on any distance. A good way to playe with new allies that you don't want to add in discord.
  • Any function in the plugin can be disabled in the config, so you will not lose performance from unnecessary functions.
  • Any of the listed functions can be bound to permission in the config, so you can easily monitize, for example, skins.


image.png.86fd56cb4c92a59f91798ed69892e3ac.png image.png.76be2b0eaf02e4027ce184ad122906b5.png

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/bt - open better team menu
Click open team menu button in team Hud


  "Team Setting Command": "bt",
  "Enabled functions": {
    "Enable Team Hud": true,
    "Enable global team voice chat": true,
    "Enable team skins": true,
    "Enable easy team markers": true,
    "Enable team auto authorization": {
      "TC Authorization": true,
      "Codelocks authorization": true,
      "AutoTurrets authorization": true,
      "SAMSite authorization": true
    "Easy team markers": {
      "Max distance": 50.0,
      "Search radius": 1.0,
      "Duration [seconds]": 5,
      "Cooldown [seconds]": 10
  "Permissions": {
    "Need permission for Team Hud?(true - will work only for players with permission / false - work for all players)": true,
    "Need permission for Team Voice?(true - will work only for players with permission / false - work for all players)": true,
    "Need permission for Team Skins?(Need at least one player with this permission in team to set skins in menu)(true - will work only for players with permission / false - work for all players)": true,
    "Need permission for Team marker?(true - will work only for players with permission / false - work for all players)": true,
    "Team hud using permission": "betterteams.hud",
    "Team Voice using permission": "betterteams.voice",
    "Team Skins using permission(only for setting skins. it's mean that only team leader will need this permission)": "betterteams.skins",
    "Team marker using permission": "betterteams.marker"
  "Hud Settings": {
    "UI Scale": 1.0,
    "Left Offset": 5,
    "Top Offset": 200,
    "Player grid refresh rate": 5,
    "Lines margin": 5,
    "Collums margin": 5,
    "Max amount of player displays in line": 8

📗Lang File:

  "UI_CHANGE": "Change",
  "UI_CHOOSE": "Select",
  "UI_BETTERTEAMSDESCRIPTION": "This modification will allow you to get a better experience playing with friends. Some things have been changed, and new ones have been added, so that you get the better experience playing with your friends!",
  "UI_CHANGEHUD": "• Team Hud - allows you to see status of your mates",
  "UI_CHANGETeamVoice": "• Team Voice - allows you to use in-game voice chat to communicate only with your mates(works at any distance). Other players will not hear you. Can be enable in settings",
  "UI_CHANGESkins": "• Team Skins - allows you to choose skins for your team. Items you pick up will automatically receive your team's skin",
  "UI_CHANGEEasyTeamMabrkers": "• Easy Team Marker - allows you to use fast marker to your team without using binoculars",
  "UI_CHANGEAutoAuthTC": "• AutoAuthorization TC - adds automatic authorization of allies in TC",
  "UI_CHANGEAutoAuthCodeLocks": "• AutoAuthorization CodeLocks - adds automatic authorization of allies in Code Locks",
  "UI_CHANGEAutoAuthTurrets": "• AutoAuthorization Auto Turrets - adds automatic authorization of allies in Auto Turrets",
  "UI_CHANGESamSiteAuthorization": "• AutoAuthorization SamSite - adds automatic authorization of allies in Sam Sites",
  "UI_CHANGEAuthorizationManager": "• Team Managment - allows the team leader to manage auto authorization for allies.",
  "UI_S_ENABLE_TEAM_VOICE_DES": "Yes - Replace vanilla voice to to team chat. Only your allies will hear you. Works at any distance (on the entire map)",
  "UI_S_ENABLE_TEAM_SKIN_DES": "Yes - all items you pick up will automatically receive your team's skin.",
  "UI_S_ENABLE_MARKERS_DES": "Yes - will give you the ability to place quick time markers in the world at the location you are looking at. Markers are placed using a key combination and do not require binoculars.",
  "UI_S_MARKER_BUTTON_DES": "Bind your easy team marker command. Just copy command, replace BUTTON to the button you need and enter in console!\nExample: bind BUTTON ftmark -> binb v ftmark",
  "UI_S_YES": "YES",
  "UI_S_NO": "NO",
  "UI_M_ONLY_LEADER": "Available only to the team leader",
  "UI_M_AA_INFO_DES": "All authorization places (tcs, codelocks, auto turrets, etc) add up to a single authorization list for the entire team. If you block any ally from accessing the authorization list, he will lose access to all authorization places, except for those that he installed personally (set codelock or tc himself), while your team will not lose access to his authorization places. Good if you accept new random player in your team.",
  "UI_M_SELECT_MATE": "Select one of your allies",
  "UI_M_AA_TC": "Tool Cupboard Auto Authorization",
  "UI_M_AA_CL": "CodeLocks Auto Authorization",
  "UI_M_AA_AT": "Auto Turrets Auto Authorization",
  "UI_M_AA_SAMSITE": "Sam Sites Auto Authorization",
  "UI_M_KICK": "Kick from team",
  "UI_M_KICK_B": "KICK",
  "CM_MARKER_COOLDOWN": "Your team ping is on cooldown: {0} seconds left",
  "UI_S_PERM": "Your team must have at least 1 player with privilege that have access to skins",
  "CM_DONT_HAVE_PERM": "You do not have permission to use this command",
  "UI_IS_DISABLED": "This function is disabled by admin"


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