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About Total Control

Introducing Total Control, a comprehensive admin tool designed for Rust game servers.

This plugin is built with a full GUI, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for server administrators. With Total Control, you can customize every aspect of your Rust server to create a unique gaming experience for your players. Here are some of the features that set Total Control apart:

StackSize Page: A new addition to Total Control, the StackSize page allows you to set up multipliers for individual items or entire categories, offering greater control over item stacking in your server.

Item Gather Rate Control: Customize the gather rate for every item in the game to balance resource acquisition and gameplay progression.

Smelting and Cooking Control: Adjust the smelting speeds for furnaces, mixing tables, campfires, and oil refineries. You can also control the charcoal output amount, the cooked output amount, and the amount of fuel used.

Reward System: Set up rewards for various in-game actions such as killing scientists, and players, or picking up or mining different items. Rewards can be given in the form of economics (if the Economics plugin is installed) or scrap.

Bradley APC and Patrol Heli Rewards: Players can be rewarded for dealing damage to or destroying the Bradley APC and Patrol Heli. There’s also a setting to divide the loot among all players who dealt damage or give all the loot to the player who deals the final blow.

Total Control allows you to create a Rust server tailored to your community’s playstyle. Whether you’re looking to create a hardcore survival experience or a more casual, resource-rich environment, Total Control gives you the tools to make it happen.

Accessible In-Game: One of the key features of Total Control is its accessibility. Any admin with the correct permissions can alter any settings directly in the game, even if they don’t have access to server files. Simply open the UI using the /tc command and change any settings as needed.


TotalControl.OpenGui    To allow access to the Ui for admin.

Chat Commands:

/tc   To Open the Ui for any player with the correct permission

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