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Profiler 1.2.0

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About Profiler

Profiler: A Comprehensive Player Statistics Tracker

Profiler is an advanced plugin designed to meticulously track and record player statistics in real-time. It offers a wide range of features that enhance the gaming experience and provide valuable insights for both players and administrators.

Key Features:

Detailed Player Statistics: Profiler keeps track of various player stats such as kills, deaths, resources gathered, distance traveled, and more. This data is accessible to each player, providing them with a comprehensive overview of their gameplay.

Customizable Profile Pictures: Players have the ability to personalize their profiles by changing their profile pictures. For those with the necessary permissions, Profiler even allows the upload of custom images, adding a unique touch to each player’s profile.

Admin Command Panel: Profiler includes a panel where administrators can add commands via the config file. This feature simplifies the process for players by allowing them to press commands instead of typing them out. This is particularly useful for servers with shop kits, voteday, and other similar features.

Fully Customizable UI: Profiler boasts a fully customizable user interface. From the title to the text color and panel colors, users can tailor the look and feel of the plugin to their liking, ensuring a seamless integration with their existing setup.


/prof   Opens the GUI if the player has the necessary permissions.

/img "URL"   Allows players to upload a custom image for their profile.

/deleteimg   Allows players to delete their profile image.

/load   Allows admin to reload plugin from chat


profiler.Admin   Allows players to use /load command

profiler.ImageUrl  Allows  players to use  / img command


Profiler is more than just a plugin; it’s a tool that enhances gameplay, fosters community engagement and provides valuable insights. Elevate your server experience with Profiler.

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