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About VehicleBuy

VehicleBuy - Your Ultimate Vehicle Plugin for Rust

With the "VehicleBuy" plugin, authorized players gain access to the powerful "/vehiclebuy" command, which opens a user-friendly GUI. Here, they can purchase vehicles and introduce them into the thrilling world of Rust. The plugin offers flexible payment methods, including Item, Economics, and Server Rewards. It also allows for the configuration of a Buy Cooldown to ensure a balanced gaming experience.

After purchase, players receive a realistic gift: a skinned crate for land vehicles or a lifebuoy for water vehicles, which they can easily place in their inventory.

"VehicleBuy" takes it a step further by offering extensive customization options. Server administrators can adjust prices, recall costs, and pickup fees to their preferences. Players with the appropriate permissions can easily recall their vehicles to their location using the "/callback" command.

The plugin also allows for the re-packaging of vehicles, either through the "/pickup" command or by hitting the vehicle three times with a hammer (the number is configurable in the settings).

"VehicleBuy" revolutionizes how players can acquire and use vehicles in Rust, providing a tailored player experience. Bring exciting vehicles to your Rust game now with "VehicleBuy"!

Additionally, "VehicleBuy" grants administrators the ability to spawn vehicles into players' inventories using the command "(VehicleName.add SteamID)," providing an extra layer of control and customization.

Commands : /vehiclebuy (For Players)
                      /callback "Vehiclename"
                      /pickup or hit 3 times with the hammer
                       Admin Command (
VehicleName.add SteamID)

Please look at the config
I attached it to a vehicle


If you have any questions or problems, join my discord

  "Vehicles": {
    "attackheli": {
      "Enable decay?": false,
      "Pickup price": 0,
      "Recall cost need?": false,
      "Recall price": 0,
      "Can recall?": true,
      "Can pickup?": true,
      "Pickup type (0 - command, 1 - hammer)": 0,
      "Cooldown to buy (in seconds)": 0,
      "Order": 3,
      "Show": true,
      "Name": "Attack Helicopter",
      "Prefab": "assets/content/vehicles/attackhelicopter/attackhelicopter.entity.prefab",
      "Image link": "https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1118444321436356671/1155264007834447982/Attackhelicopter.png",
      "Spawn distance": 10.0,
      "Fuel": 522,
      "Currency: 0 - item, 1 - Economics, 2 - Server Rewards": 0,
      "If vehicle selling for item type him shortname": "scrap",
      "Price": 1200,
      "Skin": 3036032642,
      "Command": "attack.add",
      "DeployableItemId": 833533164,
      "Need add engine parts if it possible?": true,
      "Engine parts": null


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