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About Loot Hacker

What is it?
This allows players to unlock codelocks on any storage containers, there are 2 options:

  1. With a command (most likely for admins), where you come to a locked chest, type /loothack and the codelock instantly unlocks
  2. With an item (targeting computer), where you come to a locked chest, select targeting computer in your hotbar, then left-click the storage container and there you will need to wait for few seconds (if set) untill the container unlocks, also you can set in the config if the targeting computer gets consumed.

loothacker.cmnd -- Gives player permission to use the command.
loothacker.item -- Gives player permission to use the item.


Chat Command
/loothack -- Instantly unlocks the codelock on the storage cont. you are looking at


//FORMAT: {0} = storage short prefab name, {1} = seconds to unlock
      ["MustLookAtStorage"] = "You must be looking at a locked storage container to hack it!",
      ["NoPerms"] = "You don't have permission to use this!",
      ["UnlocksIn"] = "{0} will unlock in {1} secs",
      ["Unlocked"] = "Unlocked {0}"


  "Seconds until storage unlocks": 5.0,
  "Consume Targeting Computer on use": true


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