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Version 0.1.1
- Some changes to make the CUI work on Carbon aswell

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About Reporter

What is it?
Reporter is a administration plugin to make sure your playerbase is happy.

If anything bad is going on, make sure that your players can report it to you via nice UI menu and that admins can check that.


reporter.use		-	Basic permission to allow open menu and create New report.
reporter.admin		-	Admin permission to allow view to Live Reports and ability to see/manage pop-up report
reporter.sadmin		-	SuperAdmin permission to allow view to Reports history and see stats of your staff team



/report			- Opens the UI menu
/report.tp {id}		- Teleports you to the creator of specified report
/report.claim {id}	- Claims specified report
/report.finish {id}	- Finishes specified report

/report.clearall	- ! Requires SAdmin permissions and will wipe your data folder - causing to delete all reports and staff's statistics !


Discord logging:
Enable/disable and set webhookURL for report claim/create/finish/tp


Data file:
Data of all reports and staff's statistics are being saved into a data file.
Path: Your_Server\oxide\data\Reporter\Reporter.json



Config file:
You can set here settings for discord notification F.e. Enable/Disable, embed color of the notification, WebhookURL
Path: Your_Server\oxide\config\Reporter.json




["Syntax"] = "Commands:\n/report   (Opens Reporter GUI)",
["SyntaxConsole"] = "Can't open GUI in console",
["claimMsg"] = "You have claimed a report\nID: {0}\nBy: {1}",
["finishMsg"] = "You have finished a report with ID: {0}",
["statusUnclaimed"] = "Unclaimed",
["statusClaimed"] = "Claimed",
["statusFinished"] = "Finished",
["reported"] = "Successfully reported",
["fillField"] = "<color=#c93232><--Fill this field</color>",
["noReports"] = "There are not any reports yet",
["noStaff"] = "There are not any staff stats yet",
["playerNotFound"] = "Couldn't find player",
["alreadyClaimed"] = "Report is already claimed",
["labelPAGES"] = "Page {0}/{1}",
["alreadyFinished"] = "This report is already finished",
["CUI newReport"] = "New report",
["CUI liveReport"] = "Live reports",
["CUI historyReport"] = "Reports history",
["CUI staffStats"] = "Staff stats",
["CUI close"] = "Close",
["CUI claim"] = "Claim",
["CUI finish"] = "Finish",
["CUI claimed"] = "Claimed",
["CUI tp"] = "TP",
["CUI next"] = "Next",
["CUI previous"] = "Previous",
["CUI newPopReport"] = "New Report -- ID: {0}",
["CUI reportBy"] = "Reported by <color=#4ccf49>{0}</color>",
["CUI reportedPlayer"] = "Reported player <color=#e00a0a>{0}</color>",
["CUI subject"] = "Subject of report: <color=#e0a00a>{0}</color>",
["CUI liveReportClaimed"] = "<color=#e0a00a>{0}</color>  Report: {1}",
["CUI liveReportUnClaimed"] = "<color=#1bc2d1>{0}</color>  Report: {1}",
["CUI historyReportFinished"] = "<color=#4ccf49>{0}</color>  Report: {1}",
["CUI liveReportClaimedBy"] = "<color=#e0a00a>--Claimed by {0}</color>",
["CUI finishedBy"] = "<color=#4ccf49>--Finished by--\n{0}</color>",
["staffName"] = "Staff's Name",
["staffID"] = "Staff's ID",
["staffFinished"] = "Finished reports",
["Category"] = "Category",
["Message"] = "Message",
["dcCreate"] = "{0} has created report: {1}",
["dcClaim"] = "{0} has claimed report {1} by - {2}",
["dcFinish"] = "{0} has finished report {1} by - {2}",
["dcTp"] = "{0} has teleported to report {1} by - {2}",
["dcCatCreate"] = "Report Create",
["dcCatClaim"] = "Report Claim",
["dcCatFinish"] = "Report Finish",
["dcCatTp"] = "Report TP",



  "Claim report - discord": {
    "WebhookURL": "",
    "Enabled?": true,
    "Embed Color:": "16538684"
  "Finish report - discord": {
    "WebhookURL": "",
    "Enabled?": true,
    "Embed Color:": "16538684"
  "Create report - discord": {
    "WebhookURL": "",
    "Enabled?": true,
    "Embed Color:": "16538684"
  "TP to report - discord": {
    "WebhookURL": "",
    "Enabled?": true,
    "Embed Color:": "16538684"


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