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KD Statistics 1.0.0

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About KD Statistics

This add-on allows players to track in-game kill and death statistics in real time. The KD (Kill/Death) ratio allows players to track their achievements and performance. Also, players can be ranked according to their achievements within the game and view their achievement rate. This plugin helps them better understand KD stats for the Rust community and improve their competitive gaming experience.



KD Display: The instant KD rate of players is displayed in real time on the game screen.
Kill and Die Stats: Tracks how many kills and dies players have.
Headshot Statistics: Tracks how many headshots players take.
Player Info: The player's in-game name is saved and used for rankings.
Top 10 KD Player List: Players can see the list of top 10 players, sorted by KD odds.
Chat Commands: With the command "/mystats" players can see their own stats, while with the "/top15" command they can see the KV stats of the top 10 players.

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