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If you purchase my RealPVE plugin, you'll receive TwigsDecay for free!
P.S. On RealPVE plugin page, there is a Bundle. The price is the same, but in addition, you will receive TwigsDecay.

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About Twigs Decay

This plugin is designed for the forced decay of Building Blocks with Twigs grade on PvE servers.
P.S. This plugin was originally a part of my RealPVE plugin. I couldn't find a plugin specifically for decaying Twigs, so I decided to separate it into its own plugin, allowing it to be used on servers with other PvE plugins.



  • The ability to enable and disable forced decay of Building Blocks with Twigs grade;
  • The ability to adjust the interval of decay damage;
  • The ability to specify the amount of decay damage;
  • The ability to show warnings when placing Building Blocks with Twigs grade;
  • The ability to automatically grade Building Blocks from Twig grade to Wood grade upon plugin initialization.



  "Is it worth displaying a warning?": true,
  "Use GameTip for messages?": true,
  "Is it worth upgrading Building Blocks with Twigs grade to Wood grade during plugin initialization?": false,
  "The interval, in seconds, at which damage is inflicted on the building.": 60.0,
  "The periodic damage inflicted. Ranges from 0 to 10. Set to 0 to disable.": 1.0,
  "Version": {
    "Major": 0,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 2



  "MsgTwigsWarning": "On this server, forced decay of Building Block with Twigs grade is enabled!"
  "MsgTwigsWarning": "На данном сервере включено принудительное гниение построек из соломы!"


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