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Bot Purge Event 1.2.8

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About Bot Purge Event

Supports Economics & Server Rewards

You can use either or,  both at the same time if needed, or both set to false.

The Event

Challenge your players and have them compete for the most amount of NPC/Bot kills for the duration of the event.

The highest scoring player will earn the loot and bragging rights. 


Headshot "Crunch" Lets your players know its time to take out some bots.

Leaderboard tracker, counts kills of your top players, and also counts down the time.

(Kill counter sits on right side of compass.)

Tie breaker implemented to randomly decide a winner, on delay for Dramatics 😉

At the end the winner will receive whatever loot you specified in the table. (Skinning and Custom names in config)

And now you can reward them Economics balance or Server Rewards Points.


/Purge - Manually Starts the event

/PurgeEnd - Manually End

/BotKills - Track kills if needed, counter is also on UI when participating.

Start and end can be executed from Rcon







Your color and Icon taste may differ.

Feel free to Change it.

      "Hook OnEventStart": "OnBotPurgeEventStart",
      "Hook OnEventStop": "OnBotPurgeEventEnd",
      "Name": "BotPurgeEvent",
      "Active color": "#f02020",
      "Icon": "https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1131387423838961747/1149341840391278642/BOTPURGEEVENTICON.png",
      "Color": "#A020F0",
      "Enable": true


HUD .cs File Custom Events ADDITION 


        private void OnBotPurgeEventStart() => OnEventTouch(System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().Name);
        private void OnBotPurgeEventEnd() => OnEventTouch(System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().Name);




Use {id} to target your player who won.


Config ex.

  "BotPurgeEndCommand": "purgeend",
  "BotPurgeStartCommand": "purge",
  "ChatCountdownEnabled": true,
  "ChatCountdownInterval(Minutes)": 1,
  "EconomicRewards": 1000,
  "EnableEconomicRewards": true,
  "EnableLootTable": true,
  "EnableScheduledEvents": true,
  "EnableServerRewards": true,
  "EnableStartSFX": true,
  "EnableWinnerCommands": true,
  "EventDuration(Seconds)": 600,
  "LeaderboardUIAnchorMax": "0.5 1",
  "LeaderboardUIAnchorMin": "0.5 1",
  "LeaderboardUIOffsetMax": "450 0",
  "LeaderboardUIOffsetMin": "250 -150",
  "MaximumTimeBetweenEvents(Seconds)": 7200,
  "Minimum Players To Start": 2,
  "MinimumTimeBetweenEvents(Seconds)": 3600,
  "RandomItemsMax": 3,
  "RandomItemsMin": 1,
  "ServerRewards": 1000,
  "WinnerCommands": [
      "Command": "inventory.giveto {id} stones 100"
      "Command": "inventory.giveto {id} wood 100"
  "WinnerRewards": [
      "maxQuantity": 5,
      "minQuantity": 1,
      "name": "Blood Money",
      "shortname": "paper",
      "skinid": null
      "maxQuantity": 15,
      "minQuantity": 5,
      "name": "",
      "shortname": "scrap",
      "skinid": null


Lang ex.


  "EventStarted": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Bot Purge Event has started! <color=#884808>Kill</color> as many bots as you can!",
  "EventAlreadyRunning": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Event is already running.",
  "EventNotRunning": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Event is not currently running.",
  "NoPermissionStart": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] You don't have permission to start the Bot Purge Event.",
  "NoPermissionEnd": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] You don't have permission to end the Bot Purge Event.",
  "ManuallyEnded": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Event was manually Ended.",
  "NoParticipants": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Event has ended! Unfortunately, no one participated.",
  "CountdownText": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] The Bot Purge Event will end in <color=#880808>{0}</color> minute(s).",
  "TieMessage": "The Bot Purge Event has ended! There was a tie among <color=#880808>{0}</color> players with <color=#880808>{1}</color> kills.",
  "TieWinnerMessage": "The winner was randomly selected: <color=#880808>{0}</color> with <color=#880808>{1}</color> kills!",
  "WinnerAnnounce": "[<color=#880808>BOT PURGE EVENT</color>] {0}",
  "HasEnded": "The Bot Purge Event Has Ended!",
  "EndMessage": "\n\nThe Bot Purge Event has ended!\n\nThe winner is <color=#880888>{0}</color> with <color=#884808>{1}</color> kill(s)!",
  "RewardMessage": "\n<color=#880848>{0}</color> <color=#888808>x</color> <color=#088848>{1}</color>",
  "EconomicRewardMessage": "\n<color=#880888>{0}</color> received <color=#bb9b65>$</color><color=#85bb65>{1}</color>!",
  "ServerRewardsMessage": "\n<color=#880888>{0}</color> also received <color=#85bb65>{1}</color><color=#bb9b65> RP</color>!",
  "PlayerEarnedMessage": "\n<color=#880888>{0}</color> earned:\n{1}"


Thank you!

Any questions or suggestions feel free to reach out, thank you for viewing - Wrecks

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