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About Skinner

Skinner allows you to skin all items with ease.


  • Skin any inventory or placed item
  • Very fast loading of skins and icons
  • Light weight and performance efficient code - ONLY USES ONE LIGHT WEIGHT HOOK AND HAS MINIMAL UI FOR PERFORMANCE
  • Automatically imports new and approved workshop skins
  • Ability to add custom workshop skins and collections
  • Multiple skin sets


Chat Commands:

  • /Skin or /s - skin items as per normal skinbox
  • /Skinitem  or /si - look at items that have already been placed such as a furnace or largebox and type the command and select the desired skin
  • /Skincraft or /sc - select default crafting skins. This will overwrite the default skin when you craft items and when using skincon, skininv, skinbase and skinall commands
  • /Skincon or /scon - sets all items in a container you are looking at to your default craft skins
  • /Skininv or /sinv - sets all items in your inventory to your default craft skins
  • /SkinBase - Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags.
  • /SkinAll Command - This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47's.
  • /Skinimport or /sip - Import custom workshop skins using /skinimport workshopID
  • /Colimport or /cip - Import custom workshop collection using /skinimport collectionID
  • /SkinSet or /ss - Select the craft skin set you want to use e.g. /Skinset 2. You can use numbers 1-3 or select via the UI.

Note: All chat commands can be customized via the configuration

Console Commands:

  • skinimport or sip - Import custom workshop skins using - skinimport workshopID
  • colimport or cip - Import custom workshop collection using - skinimport collectionID

Note: All console commands work via rcon as well



  • Skinner.default - allows use of the /skin command
  • Skinner.items - allows use of the /skinitem command
  • Skinner.craft - allows use of thee /skincraft command
  • Skinner.skincon - allows use of the /skincon command
  • Skinner.skininv -allows use of the /skininv command
  • Skinner.bypassauth- allows you to bypass the building auth requirement when using /skinitem
  • Skinner.skinbase for use of the /skinbase command
  • Skinner.skinall for the use of the /skinall command
  • Skinner.import – allows use of the /skinimport command and /Colimport
  • Custom command cooldown perms see config.


Note: The  "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {}" is now redundant and automatically converted to imported skins list.

  "Skin Commands (skin items in you inventory": [
  "Skin Items Commands (skin items you have already placed": [
  "Set default items to be skinned": [
  "Automatically set all items in you inventory to your default skins": [
  "Automatically set all items a container to your default skins": [
  "Automatically skin all deployables in your base": [
  "Automatically skin all items in your base": [
  "Import Custom Skins": [
  "Import Workshop Collection Command": [
  "Custom Page Change UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [
    "0.66 0.05",
    "0.82 0.1"
  "Custom Searchbar UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [
    "0.70 0.88",
    "0.82 0.91"
  "Custom Set Selection UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [
    "0.70 0.847",
    "0.93 0.875"
  "Apply names of skins to skinned items": true,
  "Add Search Bar UI": true,
  "Override spraycan behaviour": true,
  "Use spraycan effect when holding spraycan and skinning deployables": true,
  "Blacklisted Skins (skinID)": [],
  "Import Skin collections (steam workshop ID)": [],
  "Command based cooldowns ('permission' : 'command' seconds": {
    "Default30CD": {
      "skin": 30.0,
      "skinitem": 30.0,
      "skincraft": 30.0,
      "skincon": 30.0,
      "skininv": 30.0,
      "skinbase": 60.0,
      "skinall": 60.0
  "Imported Skins List": {},
  "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {}


// Get Dict of all items (shortnames) and cached skins
public Dictionary<string, List<CachedSkin>> GetAllCachedSkins()
    return _skinsCache;
//Get list of all cached skins of a certain item via itemshortname
public List<CachedSkin> GetSkinsItemList(string itemshortname)
    List<CachedSkin> cachedSkins = new List<CachedSkin>();
    _skinsCache.TryGetValue(itemshortname, out cachedSkins);
    return cachedSkins;


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