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About Skin Controller

Skin Controller is meant to bring together a ton of skinning options for your player all in one place! Easy for the player, easy for the server owner.



- Supports backpacks
- Saving of outfits (A list of skins for doors, weapons, clothing, etc*)
- Add infinite items in an outfit
- Skin stacks of items
- Skin your whole inventory with one click
- Skin items in containers that you're looking at with one command
- Skin all the deployed items in your base with one command
- Search items in the skin list to easily find the skin you're looking for
- Auto skin items when crafted and picked up
- Auto imports all accepted workshop skins
- Manual imports of non-accepted workshop skins and collections
- Up to 10 outfit saves, you can limit the amount of outfit saves someone has via perms.
- Server owners can toggle whether they want players to be able to skin items on pickup and craft
- If server owners allow skinning on craft and pickup, players can toggle that on and off for themselves
- Set your own custom commands for all available types of commands
- Blacklist skins


/skin or /sb (Configurable) - Opens the skin menu
/skinc (Configurable) - Skins the items in the container that you're looking at
/skinbase (Configurable) - Skins all the deployed items in your base
/skinitem (Configurable) - Skins the item you're looking at
/addskin - Command for admins to add workshop skins to the skinbox
/addcollection - Command for admins to add collections of workshop skins to the skinbox


You can select the amount of outfit saves that a user has by granting
them one of the .outfitsave permissions if you wanted someone to be able
to save 6 outfits, you would use the skincontroller.outfitsave6 permission.
Up to 10 saves.

Need support or want updates about what is coming to the bot? Join the support discord here https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7


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