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About Deployable Nature





  • Adds 53 new deployable items to your server!.
  • Custom item collection system. Players can obtain these items while cutting trees, mining rocks and collecting plants.
  • Includes a built in market that can be accessed via a chat command or a HumanNPC.
  • Each base item can be configured to allow for a wide variety of placement options/restrictions.
  • A large amount of configuration options are available for each item.
  • Adjustable placement options while holding shift.
  • Items can be picked up by holding a hammer, looking at the deployed entity and pressing your mouse3 button (scroll wheel button).




deployablenature.admin - Required to use the giveprefab command.
deployablenature.market.chat - Required to use the market chat command.
deployablenature.ignore.restrictions - Allows a player to deploy items without restriction (TC etc).
deployablenature.gather - Required for players to obtain drops while gathering.
deployablenature.use - Required to deploy nature items.
deployablenature.free - allows access to the nature market for free.

There is also the option to create groups via the config, which will receive discounts in the market based on the value assigned to them.


"Permissions that will receive a discount on the store cost when purchasing [1.0 is full price]. Prefix with deployablenature.": {
    "deployablenature.vip": 0.5

This would give players with the deployablenature.vip permission a discount of 50% off of the market price.



Command: giveprefab
Parameters: <skin id> <quantity>
Example: /giveprefab 2609145017 100 - spawns the user 100x medium clutter rocks"
Permission: deployablenature.admin

Command: naturemarket
Permission: deployablenature.market.chat

Command: dnpickup
Permission: None

Command: giveprefab (console)
Parameters:  <player id/name> <skin id> <quantity>
Example: /giveprefab "new guy" 2609145017 100 - spawns the user 100x medium clutter rocks for new guy"
Permission: deployablenature.admin

Console Command: dnkillentities - wipes all nature entities from the map.
Parameters:  <optional parameter: true> - this wipes the data after the command executes. If not used, the nature items will respawn on plugin reload.
Example: dnkillentities or dnkillentities  true.
Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console.

Console Command: dnkillentitiesforplayer - wipes all nature entities from the map for the specified player
Parameters:  <player name/id>
Example: dnkillentitiesforplayer "new guy" - would delete all entities for the player whose name contained "new guy".
Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console.

Console Command: dnpurge - enables purge mode, wiping all entities from the map (does not delete data), and preventing them from spawning on server start/being deployed by players while active. Automatically resets to false on server wipe.
Parameters:  <true/false>
Example: dnpurge true - would enable purge mode.
Permission: deployablenature.admin if running from player console.



You most likely won't need the below information, but it is here for more advanced users.

Prefab Types

0: Rock
1: Tree
2: Bush
3: Animal


Tree Types

0: None
1: Palm
2: Oak
3: Swamp
4: Birch
5: Beech
6: Pine
7: Cacti
8: Snow


Bush Types

0: None
1: Willow
2: Willow_snow         
3: Spice
4: Spice_snow
5: Creosote
6: Berries
7: Mushrooms


Example config




public bool IsDeployableNature(BaseEntity entity)

Returns if an entity is a DeployableNature entity that has the prevent_gather attribute.

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