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About Collection Log


Collection Log is a plugin that will track items collected from multiple sources against multiple collection logs. When a player discovers a new item that is contained in one of the logs, it is marked as found. Once a log has been entirely collected, the player is rewarded with that logs prizes. The sources that players can obtain items from are completely customizable, allowing for some unique logs to be created.



  • Fully customizable logs that also support custom items.
  • 11 different sources that can be collected from (Crates, barrels, Farming, Fishing, Woodcutting etc).
  • Support for item rewards and command rewards included.
  • Supports UINotify for communicating newly collected items.




Here is an example of 2 collection logs with different sources:

  1. The "Farming" collection log contains growable items such as cloth, corn and pumpkins, but the only valid source to obtain these items from is the Farming source.
  2. The "Resources" collection log contains many types of items, but has some overlap with the "Farming" log, which includes cloth, corn and pumpkins. The key difference is that this log supports multiple sources (Collecting, Crates, Barrels, and Woodcutting), but it does not contain the Farming source.

In this situation: When a player collects a map generated hemp plant (hemp-collectible), it would register cloth under the "Resources" log as collected, but it will not do the same for the "Farming" log.
The "Farming" log would only register if the cloth was obtained from a grown hemp plant (hemp.entity).

This is an example of how you can differentiate the same items using different sources.





The plugin allows for multiple sources per collection log.

  • Barrel - Triggered when the player destroys a barrel or road sign
  • Collecting - Triggered when the player picks up an entity (hemp-collectible, diesel_collectible etc).
  • Crates - Triggered when the player opens a create (only the first player to open the crate will trigger it).
  • Farming - Triggered when the player collects grown entities.
  • Fishing, - Triggered when the player catches a fish.
  • Mining - Triggered when the player mines ore.
  • Woodcutting - Triggered when the player chops a tree.
  • Skinning - Triggered when a player skins an animal/person.
  • Crafting - Triggered when a craft completes.
  • Unwrap - Triggered when a player uses the unwrap button on an item.
  • Consume - Triggered when a player uses the eat/drink button on an item.



The only permission in the plugin currently is collectionlog.use.
This is required to use any feature of the plugin.

Menu command (customizable via config): cl or collectionlog



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