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Collection Log Tradable Cards (Season 1) 1.0.2

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NOTE: If you do want to use the Extra Loot config that's provided here to add cards to locations, please note that you will have to ping me on Discord for the tweaks made to that plugin for it to work.

Extra loot uses only the container short name. This meant that crates like the advanced underwater crates didn't work. The tweaks have made it that we can use the full name of the container prefab. Also, with this change it means that we can add cards to many many many more locations in the future too with following packs!

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About Collection Log Tradable Cards (Season 1)

This pack of images was created to be primarily used with the plugin "Collection Log" by @imthenewguy 

That plugin allows us to create custom collection logs, and with this I've created these images so that I can create custom skinned items that are trading cards which players can have a bit of fun with.  So far in testing, my players adore this. I plan on creating a new pack every 4 months so that our players can enjoy "Seasons" of card collecting and trading for ages to come.

If you don't have the time or the software to do so, I have already made each of these cards into a custom item, and uploaded that to the Steam Workshop. The list of each item's skinID is on a text file with this download pack.

There is a config for both Collection Log and a plugin called "Extra Loot". Extra loot will add cards into the world, but this config may not work as a tweak was performed to that plugin. Please feel free to ping me on im the new guy's discord for the changes to that plugin.

There are 4 sets of cards with Season 1: "Monuments", "NPC's", "Animals" & "Resources+", each with a "shiny" and normal version.
In total, there are 36 Monument cards, 32 NPC cards, 26 Vehicles cards and 24 Resources+ cards.
All of these images are 512x512 in size.

Please do leave a review and let me know what you think! No matter if it's 1 star or 5 star, I'd love to hear your feedback!

All in all, I spent around 60hrs making these images, turning them into custom items and uploading them to the Steam Workshop. I want you all to enjoy this for free, but if you do feel like you want to say thank you you're more than welcome to click the PayPal donate button and I'll make sure to put that towards more caffeine for the next seasons to come!.

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