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Fishing Hotspots 1.0.4

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About Fishing Hotspots




Fishing Hot-spots is a plugin that creates hot-spots in random parts of the ocean. These hot-spots have a number of different modifiers to make fishing fast, easier and more enjoyable.

When the hot-spot spawns, it has 5 attributes it will roll:

  • Fishing yield = Increases how many fish the player catches.
  • Catch time - Decreases the time it takes to hook a fish onto the lure.
  • Rod tension - Increases the strength of the line, lowing the chance for your rod snapping.
  • XP gain modifier - Increases the amount of XP you gain while fishing in the hot-spot [Requires SkillTree].
  • Casket modifier - Increases the chance of obtaining a fishing casket [Requires FishingTreasure].


These hot-spots have the option to create a platform in their center for players to fish off of. The default platform comes standard with 2 vending machines (the same ones that Fishing Village has), and 2 bbq's that do not require wood.

The plugin is full configurable, allowing the higher and lower values for each attribute to be set or disabled.

It also supports the application of a safe zone at the location, provided you have ZoneManager on your server.



Command (console): spawnhotspot
Description: Spawns a hot-spot randomly around the map.





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