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About Fishing Treasure



Buried beneath the deep blue oceans of rust lay a trove of lost treasures. This plugin introduces a casket system for fishing that your players will absolutely love!




FishingTreasure is a plugin that uses the newly introduced fishing mechanic in Rust, to provide your players with the chance to obtain a casket.

When opened, the casket will roll on the loot table 3 times, rewarding the players with 3 random items of varying rarity.



  • Fully customisable loot system that automatically adds all new items to the game (configurable). Items can also be manually added via the config or a chat command in game.
  • Supports custom items with unique DisplayNames and skins.
  • Includes 3 tiers of rarity – common, rare and elite. Each can have its drop chance configured to the desired rarity.
  • Hotspot system that allows for areas to be added as a "hot spot", which increases the drop chance of a casket by a multiplier (configurable).



fishingtreasure.admin – allows users to spawn caskets, add items, force an update of items and remove items.



  "Rare roll table chance [out of 1000]": 100,
  "Elite roll table chance [out of 1000]": 25,
  "Chance to obtain a casket [out of 1000]": 20.0,
  "Fishing chest skin": 2560835553,
  "Opening effect": "assets/prefabs/misc/easter/painted eggs/effects/gold_open.prefab",
  "Casket is rolled for whenever one of the following fish are caught": [
  "Send notifications when fishing": true,
  "Default hotspot distance": 30.0,
  "Hotspot modifier": 3.0,
  "Automatically enable new items that are added to the config?": true,
  "Item List - Rarity key: [0 = common, 1 = rare, 2 = elite]": {
    "Wolf Headdress": {
      "shortname": "hat.wolf",
      "rarity": 0,
      "skin": 0,
      "enabled": true,
      "maxQuantity": 1
    "Gold Nugget": {
      "shortname": "battery.small",
      "rarity": 1,
      "skin": 2405961582,
      "enabled": true,
      "maxQuantity": 10
    "Assault Rifle": {
      "shortname": "rifle.ak",
      "rarity": 2,
      "skin": 0,
      "enabled": true,
      "maxQuantity": 1



/casket - spawns a casket in the users inventory
/updateitems - forces an update of the configuration items list, adding all new items.
/tbadditem <display name> <shortname> <skin> <max quantity> - manually adds an item to the configuration.
/tbremoveitem <display name> - removes the specified item (case sensitive).
/addhotspot <Optional: distance> - creates a hotspot using the default distance or the specified distance.
/clearhotspots - clears all hotspots.



void OnCasketCaught(BasePlayer player) - Triggers when a caasket is obtained while fishing.
float ModifyCasketChance(BasePlayer player) - Modifies the base chance of obtaining a casket by the returned value.


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