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About Cooking




This plugin extends the vanilla cooking system in rust by adding a number of ingredients and advanced recipes to the game.

The ingredients are obtained from any of the 30+ different sources, from ore nodes, to trees, to collectibles such as hemp and pumpkins.
These ingredients are used to create delicious meals that will provide the player with 1 of the 46 different buffs the plugin has to offer, or your own custom buffs should you wish to create your own using permissions from other plugins.

The plugin comes standard with 47 custom recipes and 11 custom ingredients included. It also utilizes a number of rusts existing items, such as pumpkins, corn and potatoes.



There are over 47 recipes that come with the default configuration.
Each recipe allows for any number of ingredients to be added (default is up to 4), and any number of the 46 buffs to be added to each meal.
Recipes can be easily added via the config. This allows server owners to get creative by creating their own custom meals and buffs.

The above video showcases how new recipes and ingredients can be easily added to your configuration.



The plugin comes with 11 unique custom ingredients, and also utilizes 16 of the default items in rust.
Ingredients can be easily added to the configuration (see the above video).

All non-default ingredients can be found from 37 different sources including cutting trees, mining nodes, collecting hemp etc.
Each sources drop rate can be customized to suit your server, and the sources for ingredients can be changed incredible easily by simply adjusting a number in the config file.



There are 37 unique sources that ingredients can be obtained from from cutting trees to collecting pumpkins.
The chances for each ingredient drop are based on the interaction with that source. 
For example, picking a pumpkin offers 1 chance, as it is 1 interaction to pick a pumpking, while cutting a tree may be 10-20 chances (depending on the tool), as it takes a number of hits to fall a tree (this can be adjusted to be based on 1 chance per tree/node etc via the config).

When a roll is successful, it then rolls through each item type and selects the item based on that items "dropWeight", allowing you to make ingredients more or less common than others on the same drop table.



The Farmers Market is an in-built market that allows players to buy and sell ingredients for scrap, server rewards or economics.

By default, the markets stocks will start at 0, and will only increase as players sell their unwanted ingredients to it. 

It can be configured to allow all items, or only custom items to be bought and sold through it, and also allows for a maximum stock to be set (default 100), meaing that it cannot have more than 100 of an item type.

The buy/sell values for each ingredient can be adjusted in the config file (default $10 buy, $5 sell).

Starting quantities can also be set if you do not want the market to start at 0.

The market can be accessed by typing in /market (if config is enabled) or by speaking to an NPC that can be spawned with the plugin (addmarketnpc).



Ingredient: A useful ingredient used to make more complex meals.
Woodcutting_Yield: Increases the amount of wood received by a percentage when cutting trees and logs.
Mining_Yield: Increases the amount of ore received by a percentage when mining any ore type.
Skinning_Yield: Increases the amount of animal products received by a percentage when skinning animals.
Heal_Share: Heals those around you for a percentage of the healing you receive.
Heal: Instantly heals you for a percentage of your maximum health.
Food_Share: Shares your food with nearby players, providing them with a percentage of the calories that you consume.
Metabolism_Overload: Increases your maximum calories and hydration capacity by a percentage.
Comfort: Provides an aura of comfort around you. Each nearby player will receive a percentage comfort.
Water_Breathing: Will allow you to breath underwater for the duration.
Fire_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from all sources of fire/heat by a percentage.
Cold_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from the cold by a percentage.
Explosion_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from explosives by a percentage.
Animal_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from animals by a percentage.
Melee_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from attacks made with a melee weapon by a percentage.
Wounded_Resist: If you would enter the wounded state while this buff is active, you will instead be brought to your feet. Any negative modifiers will be removed.
Spectre: You will become invisible to auto-turrets, flame turrets and shotgun traps for the duration.
Madness: This food will make you sound strange to others.
Wealth: Provides you with a percentage find scrap/economics/points when breaking barrels.
Barrel_Smasher: Provides you with a percentage chance to instantly break a barrel with any amount of damage.
Crafting_Refund: Provides you with a percentage chance to refund components when crafting an item.
Passive_Regen: Will passively regenerate a percentage health each second.
Horse_Stats: Will increase the speed any horse you ride by a percentage.
Fall_Damage_resist: Reduces damage taken from falling by a percentage.
Condition_Loss_Reduction: Reduces the condition loss of all worn and held items by a percentage.
Ingredient_Chance: Increases the chance to obtain cooking ingredients by a percentage.
Upgrade_Refund: Provides you with a percentage chance to receive a free upgrade when upgrading your building blocks.
Research_Refund: Provides you with a percentage chance to receive a scrap refund when using a research bench.
Role_Play: This item provides no buffs as it a Roleplay item.
Anti_Bradley_Radar: Makes you invisible to the Bradley APC.
Fishing_Luck: Provides you with a percentage chance to obtain a random item while fishing.
Farming_Yield: Increases the amount of resources collected by a percentage when harvesting player-grown plants.
Component_Luck: Provides a percentage chance to receive a random component when breaking barrels.
Electronics_Luck: Provides a percentage chance to receive a random electrical item when breaking barrels.
Permission: Used for firing off custom commands such as assigning and removing permissions.
Bleed_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from bleeding by a percentage.
Radiation_Resist: Reduces the damage taken from radiation by a percentage.
Max_Repair: Any item that is repaired while this buff is active, will have its maximum condition reset.
Smelt_On_Mine: Provides you with a percentage chance to receive refined resources instead of ores, when mining sulfur and metal nodes.
Loot_Pickup: Provides you with a percentage chance for all items to be moved directly into your inventory when breaking barrels.
Reviver: Sets a players health to a percentage when bringing them up from the wounded state.
Duplicator: Provides you with a percentage chance to duplicate an item when crafting.
Harvest: Increases the amount of resources collected by a percentage> when harvesting wild entities.
Ingredient_Storage: Stores ingredients.
Extra_Calories: Instantly provides you with a percentage of your maximum calories when consumed.
Extra_Hydration: Instantly provides you with a percentage of your maximum hydration when consumed.
Max_Health: Increases your maximum health by a percentage.
Fishing_Yield: Increases the amount of fish received by a percentage.
Damage_Over_Time: This perk will damage the consumer every second for the set value.
Mining_Hotspot: The player will always hit the hot spot while mining.
Woodcutting_Hotspot: The player will always hit the marker while chopping wood.
Dehydration: Removes hydration when applied.
Damage: Damages the consumer by the value.
Radiation: Gives the consumer radiation equal to the value.
Hunger: Removes calories when applied.



Default: Default Rust item
AnyTree: Chopping any tree
ArcticTree: Chopping arctic trees
DesertTree: Chopping palm trees
TemperateTree: Chopping temperate trees
TundraTree: Chopping tundra trees
Cactus: Chopping cacti
AnyNode: Mining any node
AnyArcticNode: Mining any arctic nodes
AnyDesertNode: Mining any desert nodes
AnyTemperateNode: Mining any temperate nodes
AnyTundraNode: Mining any tundra nodes
StoneNode: Mining stone nodes
MetalNode: Mining metal nodes
SulfurNode: Mining sulfur nodes
AnyAnimal: Skinning any animal
Deer: Skinning deer
Bear: Skinning bears
Wolf: Skinning wolves
Chicken: Skinning chickens
PolarBear: Skinning polar bears
Shark: Skinning sharks
Boar: Skinning boar
horse: Skinning horses
Fishing: Catching fish
Gut: Gutting fish
Pumpkin: Harvesting pumpkins
Potato: Harvesting potatos
Corn: Harvesting corn
Mushroom: Picking mushrooms
BerryBush: Picking berries
Hemp: Harvesting hemp
CollectableSulfur: Collectable sulfur nodes
CollectableStone: Collectable stone nodes
CollectableMetal: Collectable metal nodes
Crafted: Crafted
Foodbox: Food boxes
Excavated: Digging up metal detector sites



Command: cook or recipemenu
Action: Opens the recipe menu from anywhere.
Permission: cooking.recipemenu.chat

Command: market
Action: Opens the farmers market from anywhere.
Permission: cooking.market.cmd

Command: ibag
Action: Opens the ingredient bag from anywhere.
Permission: cooking.bag.cmd

Command: addmarketnpc
Action: Creates a farmers market NPC
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: removemarketnpc
Action: Removes the targeted farmers market NPC
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: clearingredientbags
Action: Clears the contents of ingredient bags for all players
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: giverecipe <recipe>
Action: Gives the command user the specified recipe card
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: givemeal <target> <meal> <amount>
Action: Gives the specified meal to the target player.
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: giveingredient <target> <ingredient> <amount>
Action: Gives the specified ingredient to the target player.
Permission: cooking.admin

Command: setmarketquantity <ingredient> <amount>
Action: Sets the available market quantity of the specified item.
Permission: cooking.admin



// Recipe menu chat command

// Using the cooking menu

// Admin related cooking comands

// Bypass cooking time

// Bypass ingredient requirements

// Removes ability to gather ingredients

// Allows the ingredient bag to be opened via CMD

// Disables drop notifications

// Disables Notify notifications

// Disables menu sounds

// Allows access to the farmers market via CMD

// Allows the user to speak to the market NPC

// Allows the user to gather ingredients

// Required to find recipe cards



Economics - Used for the farmers market and the Wealth buff type.

ServerRewards - Used for the market and the Wealth buff type.

SkillTree - Will provide xp when creating meals with the Cooking plugin.




bool CanGatherIngredient(BasePlayer player, uint source)

Returning a non-null value will prevent players from receiving ingredients from certain drop sources. the source is the networked ID of the entity.

void OnMealCrafted(BasePlayer player, string meal, Dictionary<string, int> ingredients, bool isIngredient)

Called after a meal has been created and given to the player.

bool IsCookingMeal(Item item)

Useful if you want to see if an item is from the recipe menu.

bool IsHorseBuffed(RidableHorse horse)

Used to prevent stacking modifiers if a horse is buffed by the Cooking plugin.

object OnAddRecipeCardToLootContainer(BasePlayer player, LootContainer container)

Returning a non-null value will prevent recipe cards from being added to the container.

object OnIngredientBagDrop(BasePlayer player)

Returning a non-null value will prevent the bag from dropping.

void OnMealConsumed(BasePlayer player, Item item, int duration)

Triggered when a player successfully consumes a meal. No return types.

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