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Fishing Contest 1.0.0

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About Fishing Contest


Fishing contest is a an event plugin that spawns an arena in the ocean for players to compete at.
Players must catch the most of a certain type of fish that the contest randomly selects to win.

The arena is spawned using the CopyPaste plugin. You can create your own arena, but there are requirements (see the video).

The plugin is highly configurable, allowing you to select if players keep what they catch, adjust drop rates for caskets for participants, modify the fishing rod tensile strength, and what fish the competition requires the players to catch.




  • EpicLoot - Integrates a list of enhanced fishing attire into the rewards list.
  • NightVision - Locks the players time to day while at the event.
  • FishingTreasure - Allows for the drop rates of fishing caskets to be changed for players at the event.




fishingcontest.admin - required to manually start and stop the event.




joinfc - Joins the fishing contest.
leavefc - Leaves the fishing contest.
startfc - Manually starts the fishing contest.
endfc - Manually ends the fishing contest.


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