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About Death Effects



Death effects is a plugin that adds different effects when a player, npc or animal dies. The effects are customizable and it is easy to add your own via the configuration.

The plugin comes with 99 unique death effects!

There is no permissions or commands required, simply add it to your server, configure the trigger entities and the effects that you would like enabled/disabled!


Players with the deatheffects.select permission can now select the effects that they want to trigger when they kill something. A random effect from their chosen effects will be selected each time.

Only effects that are enabled in the config can be selected.

Command: /deatheffects



Chat command

deatheffects - brings up the ui.

detoggle - toggles effects on/off

detoggleclient - toggles the effects to be server-side/client-side



deatheffects.select - allows the player to use the UI.
deatheffects.use - required to trigger a death effect


Effects table

0: EffectSpawn,
1: EffectStack,
2: EffectCircle,
3: EffectSpiral,
4: PrefabSpawn,
5: PrefabStack,
6: PrefabCircle,
7: PrefabElectrical,
8: ItemStack


Default effects

spiral underwater explosion
spiral dig
spiral gold egg open
spiral gold bag open
spiral egg explode
spiral splash
spiral tree bonus
spiral tree marking
spiral codelock fail
spiral bradley shell explosion
spiral reskin effect
spiral plug effect
spiral blood effect
spiral landmine
circle underwater explosion
circle dig
circle gold egg open
circle gold bag open
circle egg explode
circle splash
circle tree bonus
circle mlrs explosion
circle kayak splash
circle tree marking
circle crossbreed blue
circle crossbreed yellow
circle 40mm explosion
circle code lock fail
circle bradley shell explosion
circle sam launch
circle reskin effect
circle blood effect
circle landmine
stacked underwater explosion
stacked dig
stacked car collision
stacked underwater fireball
stacked tree impact
stacked tree marking
stacked train barricade
stacked splash
stacked mrls backfire
stacked mrls explosion
stacked 40mm explosion
stacked codelock fail
stacked gold egg open
stacked gold bag open
stacked egg explode
stacked ore finished
stacked bradley shell explosion
stacked reskin effect
stacked blood effect
stacked landmine
single underwater explosion
single dig
single car collision
single crossbreed blue
single crossbreed yellow
single underwater fireball
single tree impact
single train barricade
single splash
single debris
single airburst
single mrls backfire
single mrls explosion
single 40mm explosion
single gold egg open
single gold bag open
single egg explode
single junk despawn
single bradley explosion
single bradley shell explosion
single heli rocket explosion
single heli rocket explosion 2
single sam launch
single c4 launch
single reskin effect
single grenade explosion
single scream
single landmine
single stone gravestone
single wood gravestone
single chicken
single skull spike candle
single skull spike pumpkin
single skull spike skulls
single fireball
single beach parasol
single firecrackers
stacked chicken
stacked firecrackers
circle skull spike candle
circle skull spike skulls
siren light
siren light orange
item stack skulls


Config example: https://pastebin.com/BPUV9PvA

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