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About Raffles



Raffles is a plugin that allows servers to create and host raffles.

These raffles are a fun way to give players an outlet to dispose of excess resources, and a great way for server owners to hand out rare and valuable items!

Raffles features full language support and can be translated into other languages with oxides lang system.

This plugin allows for the following reward types:

  • Item rewards: Whether it be vanilla or custom items, Raffles will support it.
  • Economics: Reward your players with an injection of economic dollars, straight into their account.
  • Server Rewards: The same as Economics, but for the Server Rewards plugin!
  • Commands: You can run as many commands as you like, and have them listed in the raffle with a custom name. For example, you could have a command that gives the player a random S tier Epic Loot item for winning. It allows for the userid and name to be substituted with {id} and {name}, so will support most command types.


The raffles are broken down into 2 types.



Daily raffles are the primary raffle structure in the plugin. They allow you to set item currencies (yes, it supports custom items), which the player will use to purchase raffle tickets.

Some features it includes:

  • Custom ticket items.
  • Variable duration, allowing you to have the raffle run for as long as you want.
  • Scheduled start date/time, allowing for you to create the raffle in the config, and have it automatically start when its date/time values are met.
  • Ticket limits, allowing you to set a maximum number of tickets, which will conclude the raffle once met.
  • Item, economics, server rewards and command prizes.


Raffles that are in the config and set for a future date, will appear under the "Future Raffles" category. This allows users to see what raffles are coming up and when.
This can be disabled by setting the visible flag to false.
Future raffles can be force started by admins via this menu or command.



Wipe Raffles contain the same prize structure as regular raffles, allowing for economics, server rewards, items and commands to be awarded to the winners, but their participation works a little differently.

Rather than having players purchase a ticket for the raffle directly, it will count any raffle tickets that the player purchases from a daily raffle as an entry. This means that if a player purchases 60 raffle tickets between 3 different daily raffles over the course of the wipe, they will have 60 entries into the wipe raffle.

The wipe raffle will roll when the server wipes and will allow you to award players with prizes that are redeemable AFTER the server wipes.
This can be as simple as a pickaxe and hatchet that can be redeemed when they login, or as advanced as S tier Epic Loot items, the choice is yours.

The plugin allows for multiple wipe raffles, so you can have multiple winners!



The plugin has 2 permissions:

  • raffles.allow - required to use the raffles plugin.
  • raffles.admin - required to use admin commands and see admin elements.



Command: forcestartraffle
Parameters: <partial raffle name>
Description: forces the specified raffle to start, even if the raffle has already run its course. The start date of the raffle will be modified to time the command is run.



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