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Instanced Containers 1.0.10

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About Instanced Containers


Are you sick of your base being cluttered by countless items and having nowhere to store them?
Have you had to build an extra wing on your base entirely for storage?
Look no further, Instanced Containers has you covered!

Instanced containers is a plugin that allows for players to create multiple containers inside of 1 container, saving them a significant amount of space in their base.

It supports small/large wooden boxes and coffins by default, but can be used for any container by adjusting the config.

The plugins has 3 user based permissions included:

  • instancedcontainers.use - will allow the user to create instances of a container (3 instances per container by default).
  • instancedcontainers.free - bypasses the cost for creating an instance of a container.

You can also create your own permission groups through the config and add your own instance limits.
Example: "vip": 6 would create a permission called instancedcontainers.vip and give players with the permission access to add 6 instances per container.



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