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Professions 1.0.10

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About Professions





Professions is a plugin designed for role play and PVE servers.

Players can choose from any 7 professions, including:

  • Miner - Has a chance to find gold nuggets while mining, which can be sold to the market for scrap/economy. Miners also gather more resources from nodes.
  • Logger - Has a chance to find Pinecones while chopping trees, which can be sold to the market for scrap/economy. Loggers also gather more resources from trees.
  • Skinner - Has a chance to obtain prime meat while butchering animals, which can be sold to the market for scrap/economy. Skinners can also use a command to locate the nearest animal from their position. Skinners also gather more resources from animals.
  • Weaponsmith - Specializes in crafting weapons from melee swords to guns.
  • Tailor - Specializes in crafting clothing and armour.
  • Electrician - Specializes in electrical components and power sources/storage.
  • Mechanic - Specializes in engine parts and vehicle modules. Also gets access to a quest to unlock car parts by destroying cars at the junkyard (using the magnetic crane & shredder).

The coolest thing about this plugin is that it uses a group system in oxide. This means you can assign permissions from other plugins to a specifc group as part of the professions perks. 

Example, on my server we use the Vehicle Tow plugin, and have assigned the "vehicletow.user" permission to the mechanic group. This means that if a player is employed as a mechanic, they can use the tow hammer and tow vehicles around!
We also use the Tree Planter plugin on umod as a perk for loggers, so they can decorate areas with trees.





When a player chooses a profession, their xp/level will be set to 0.

Both gathering and crafting skills have a level/xp.

Gathering: Increasing the gathering level will increase the chance of obtaining the professions unique item (prime meat, gold nugget or pinecone). It will also increase the amount of extra resources you obtain while doing your profession.

Crafting: Crafting levels cap at level 3, and are required in order to craft items of equal workbench tier to the players level. For example, a player who is a level 1 weaponsmith cannot craft a semi-automatic rifle, as it requires a tier 2 workbench. 
This feature can be disabled entirely in the config, if you do not want level requirements for items.

To gain xp as a crafter, players will need to craft items specific to their profession from level 1 onwards.
IE weaponsmiths will need to craft items unique to their class in order to get xp.

XP is calculated based on the components required to make the item. You can adjust the xp rates for each component (such as laptops, metal pipes etc) via the config. Items can also have a multiplier attached to them, offering further xp.

Another way to obtain xp is to research items specific to your profession. Researching offers 3x the xp you would have received for crafting the item (by default), but allows you to research items that you do not have the level for (IE researching AK at level 1 will still provide you with xp).

Mechanics in particular have an additional method of levelling. See the Mechanics Quest section below.



Crafting professions can be setup in a number of ways. 

By default, only professions that specialize in set items will be able to craft them. For example, a weaponsmith is the only profession that can craft a pistol or rifle.

This can be adjusted in the config to instead use a tax system, charging players who are not part of that profession a scrap or economics tax for crafting it, where as players that are specialized would not be charged this fee. The exception to this is when an item is a "free_craft" item. All players can craft "free_craft" items without issue.

Example: Joe is a weaponsmith who is in need of a roadsign chest piece. He has the blueprint researched, so he decides to craft it himself. Joe is charged 125 scrap (default) to do so, in addition to the material costs.

The idea behind this system is to stimulate an economy, forcing players of differeing professions to trade between each other. This has worked with much success on my RP server.



All players have the chance to receive gold nuggets, prime meat and pinecones while gathering (although gathering professions are significantly more likely to find these items).

These items can be sold at the resource market for scrap or economy dollars (configurable). 

The market can be access via a chat command (requires permission), or via an NPC (requires HumanNPC).



The mechanics quest is a plugin that is included with this package. If you do not wish to run it, simply remove it from your server (MechanicQuest.cs).

This plugin will assign mechanics a quest upon employment. The quest involves destroying modular cars at the junkyard using the magnet crane.

Doing so will provide them with xp per car crushed, as well as medium & High quality parts blueprint unlocks unpon completion of each quest.

This quest works extremely well with the towing plugin, as players can tow cars to the junkyard for destruction.



Command: rbag
Action: Opens the resource bag to store prime meat, pinecones and gold nuggets.
Permission: professions.chat.bag

Command: pmarket
Action: Opens the resource market to sell prime meat, pinecones and gold nuggets.
Permission: professions.chat.market

Command: jobmenu
Action: Opens the job menu to choose employment/quit your job.
Permission: professions.chat.jobmenu

Command: clearjobs
Action: Clears all job data from all players.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: updateitems
Action: Searches for any new craftable items added to Rust, and adds them to the data file.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: updatexp
Action: Recalculates the xp using the component xp values in the configuration file.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: setjob
Parameters: <player name> <job>
Action: Sets to the players job, removing their accumulated xp and levels.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: class
Action: Shows the players class, level and xp until next level.
Permission: none

Command: printlevels
Action: Prints the xp requirement for each level into console.
Permission: none

Command: updatemultiplier
Parameters: <item shortname> <value>
Action: Sets the xp multiplier for the desired item when crafting.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: showitems
Action: Prints the item list and xp values for each item in the players profession into the console.
Permission: none

Command: clearstoragebags
Action: Clears all storage bags for every player. This is done automatically on wipe.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: clearprofessions
Action: Clears all professions data.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: resettax
Action: Resets the tax rate for all items back to default.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: giverbag
Action: Gives the user a resource bag item, used to open the resource bag storage without a chat command/permissions.
Permission: professions.admin

Command: track
Action: Finds the closest animal and prints the direction of it from the players location.
Permission: skinner






void OnPlayerEmployed(BasePlayer player, string job)
void OnPlayerUnemployed(BasePlayer player, string job)


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