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About Identity Card

Identity Card is a roleplay base plugin that gives you the opportunity to create an id card that displays the name, location, and profession of a player. By typing in /idcard players with the proper permission will be able to open up a form to enter in all the needed information for the id card. The id card item it the green key card and will be displayed with a custom icon in your inventory.

Everybody on the server is able to pick up an id card and view it in his active hotbar slot by pressing E to open the view and R to close it. Id cards should not be placed in Backpacks and should not be stackable, so make sure to block the green key card from your backpack system if you have one and do not allow green key cards to be stacked in a stackmodifying plugin.

Discord: https://discord.gg/jMfCUJd4eE

Summary Video



Identitycard.create - allows you to open the UI and create a id card.

Chat Commands

/idcard - allows you to open the UI if permission identitycard.create is granted.

Lang Files

German and English translation included

Data File

Identity Cards will be saved in a data file

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